5 bathroom tile ideas

5 bathroom tile ideas

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1 / Tiles like cement tiles in the bathroom

Whether it has a retro look, graphic patterns, two-color swirls or vintage rosettes, the cement tiles charms us every time. Its colors, patterns, gradients and endless variations make it a choice coating to give style and style to the bathroom. Applied in small touches, on a targeted area, the cement tile patterns are very beautiful. To mark the space behind the sink, define half of the wall or create a carpet, we do not hesitate to combine tiling imitation cement tiles with a plain tile.

The little extra? Unlike the real cement tile (poured in cement the traditional way), the imitation tiles cement tiles easy to maintain and requires no special treatment to resist humidity. This is why the bathroom is THE room in the house where tiling like cement tiles has it all!

2 / Parquet effect tiles

Why the parquet effect tiles is a great idea for bathroom tiles? Imagine a parquet that does not fear water, which does not stain, which resists the wear of time, which is easy to maintain and which does not require cutting down any tree during its manufacturing process ...

In addition, when the tile imitates wood , you have to bend down and touch the bathroom floor to believe it. Veinures, knots, patina and natural nuances: all the specifics of wood are reproduced identically to deceive the eye ... and create a natural decor on the floor and walls of the bathroom. All at the price of tiling.

3 / The floor tile for tiling the bathroom

Choose thebathroom tiles can also pose a dilemma in terms of forms. So if the large format tiles are too square for you, here is an idea of ​​bathroom tiles that you might like: tomette ! Indeed, the hexagonal format inspired by terracotta floor tiles may belong to the history of ceramics, it is more trendy than ever in French bathrooms.

The reasons for this comeback? A wide choice of patterns, materials and colors which lend themselves readily to the game of mixtures. In mosaic or large format version, with graphic, rustic or degraded effect, the hexagonal tile play the originality card and give rhythm to the decor of the bathroom.

4 / Mosaic tiles in the bathroom

The mosaic tiles are a coating of choice to embellish the decor of the bathroom. We gladly use them to delimit the water area, frame the bathroom mirror, create optical illusions or make friezes on the walls. Graphic effect, art deco, ottoman, patchwork, Mediterranean, oriental, multicolored, chic or contemporary ... mosaic tiles have the advantage of leaving no style on the tile. Its wide range of colors, finishes and shapes offers possibilities for endless decorative combinations and weddings that appeal to everyone's creativity.

But beware, who says more tiles, also says more tile joints to clean. A great idea for tiling for the bathroom, but on condition that you can follow maintenance level!

5 / Natural stone effect tiles in the bathroom

The tiling is a chameleon. After wood and cement tiles, give way to the illusion of natural stone which ceramic manufacturers imitate wonderfully with sandstone. Slate effect tiles, quartz, black marble and Carrara marble play the natural stones for a bathroom in all beauty, timeless and mineral.

The little extra? Unlike real natural stone, the non-porosity of porcelain stoneware means that it does not require any special treatment or maintenance. An advantage that leaves no stone unturned!