The wooden fence, this natural and modern separation

The wooden fence, this natural and modern separation

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Appreciated for partitioning with lightness, is the wooden fence stealing the show from the unavoidable canopy, star of separations for several years? These simple wooden cleats, left raw, inexpensive and easy to install are gradually making their way onto the decorative podium. Both individuals and designers use and abuse it all over the house, as well as in the garden. Take a look at the different ways to adopt it at home.

Expand the space and let the light through

To visually enlarge any room, the verticality of the wooden fence is second to none! Graphic, natural, this very fashionable partition is a beautiful way to let in light. Besides, it's a real ballet that promises to appear on your walls throughout the day. Creating spaces without closing completely has become a real challenge in interiors. In this house, it allows to offer an entrance / hallway corner where formerly one entered directly into the living room, while enjoying the brightness of the living room.

© Leroy Merlin

The fence for small boundaries

When interior designer Marion Lanoë took charge of the renovation of this apartment in Lyon, she wanted to bring in light and visually demarcate the functions of certain spaces. In addition to the play of colors, it is with several wooden fences that certain separations take place, in particular between the corridor and the kitchen. To meet the beams left raw in the living room, a second wooded wall is mounted to isolate the office area from the living room area. Finally, as a reminder of the other rooms and to stay in a natural atmosphere, a few cleats are also installed to separate the toilet from the bathtub in the bathroom.

© Marion Lanoë

The railing on the stairs

It is very often on the stairs that the wooden fence is best illustrated. Attached directly to the steps, the wooden battens bring a contemporary touch in the blink of an eye without ignoring the safety of the youngest.

© Transition Interior Design

Style effect

If you are more used to the wooden claustra parallel cleats, note all the same that there are variants. To separate the sleeping area from the bathroom in this master suite, the owners have opted for an openwork wall with geometric shapes. The figures are intertwined together to alternately form a star, a three-dimensional cube, a balloon, a rhombus and a flower with five petals. The gaze lets itself be carried away by the playful side and the play of shadows which is created according to the light inputs. The reasons are numerous, but the raw wood aspect remains him, always in order.

© Allure et Bois

The fence, easy to make

Making your own wooden fence requires little equipment and fairly basic notions of DIY. So if you are still hesitating, here is the procedure to help you take the plunge. First, equip yourself with a meter, a pencil with a drill-driver, a saw and of course a stepladder. Second step: materialize the location, then adapt the dimensions of the battens according to the height of your ceiling and the space you want to devote to the partition. Once your measurements are ready, it's time to move on to assembling the pieces of wood. To start, fix perpendicularly a first vertical strip edge to edge between two horizontal strips in order to structure the framework. Then draw your markers at regular intervals, then fix your battens one by one between the horizontal battens. Once all the cleats are screwed, position your partition in the desired location and fix it securely to the floor, the ceiling and the wall. You have two choices: leave it raw or apply a protective varnish. Easy, right?

© Leroy Merlin

The wooden fence up to the garden

If delimiting the spaces in the house with the wooden fence is, as we have already mentioned, a recipe that works, know that the result can be just as successful outdoors. To make the separation between the dining area and the garden area or simply to bring a contemporary touch to the vegetation, this partition in wooden battens is a real decorative addition. Besides, you do not hesitate to put one on the terrace if you want to give yourself a hint of tranquility far from the eyes of the neighbors! Finally, if you have an outdoor shower near your swimming pool, two or three fencing-like partitions will be ideal for offering a little privacy.

© Kit Kurly