Mediterranean-style cuisine

Mediterranean-style cuisine

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Warm and friendly, the kitchen is the heart and soul of each Mediterranean house. For a cuisine with a singing accent, appeal to all your senses: smells, shapes, colors, materials ... Objective: reflect the art of living in the south of France by bringing a good dose of freshness. Overview of the essentials of a kitchen with Mediterranean decoration.

The colors of a Mediterranean decor kitchen

Who says Mediterranean decoration, says back to basics. Take inspiration from the elements of the south and their colors to brighten up your kitchen. The sky, the sand, the sun, the earth… The Mediterranean style is a real homecoming. Thus, in the kitchen, white as the dominant shade will be your best ally to capture the light of the south (think in particular of the typical white stones). Also bring in the color thanks to a splashback in cement tiles: azure blue, lime green, citrus yellow ... The ochres and their warm tones are also part of it thanks to a few terracotta pots scattered here and there. The big plus: a tiled floor, a star covering in the south of France. Tip: for a more contemporary note, you can very well invite a few touches of stainless steel that will blend perfectly with white and ocher.

Mainly white, and touches of sunny colors with cement tiles.

Natural fibers for a Mediterranean decor

The Mediterranean style loves it: natural fibers and their warm colors are essential in southern cuisine. Look at old wooden furniture that has weathered over time, including an imposing and friendly table. Roll out a rattan rug, hang bamboo lights, install wicker storage lockers and collect natural linen table linen. This is a sunny decor. There you are missing just a few accessories to complete the decoration of your Mediterranean cuisine, such as wooden kitchen utensils.

Woody and natural, raw colors, and a large clock so you don't miss the siesta!

The accessories of a Mediterranean decoration

The frame is set, it only remains to decorate your Mediterranean cuisine with a few well-chosen accessories. Start by collecting beautiful vintage plates, in different shapes, colors and sizes. Then hang them on the wall to form a motley cloud. You can do the same with straw hats, which will immediately bring a "holiday" spirit to the room. Also shop for demijohns of different sizes to display them on a shelf or to make vases ready to accommodate large olive branches. Exhibit pottery and ceramics and finish the decor of your Mediterranean cuisine by installing local plants: small olive trees in pots, grasses, lavender, rosemary, mint ... Put your smell on the map and indulge yourself!


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