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The right term

When the dilution of the lime exceeds 1 volume of lime for 2 to 3 volumes of water, we speak of whitewash ... With 1 volume of lime for 4 to 6 volumes of water, it becomes etching. The base and the manufacturing therefore remain identical. You will always add 1% casein (or other fixative) to the initial weight of lime.
If you are working on a fresh plaster, apply the first coat of whitewash two to four hours after applying the plaster finish, and the second coat the next morning.
On a dry plaster, the second coat of whitewash is applied when the first is dry, approximately 24 hours later. As with liming, moisten your support the day before the first layer, for good adhesion of the whitewash. The whitewash is used in the manner of whitewash, it is especially the different finishes that are to be noted.

The whitewash covering

This is the most common and simplest aspect to achieve when you do not master the nuanced effects. The whitewash is applied with the brush in two crossed passes, without seeking any effect.

Whitewash nuanced by a patina

After applying a whitewash, allow to dry 2 to 4 hours before applying a patina composed of 20 volumes of water for 1 volume of lime. Paint in small crossed strokes, without loading or pulling the brush too much so as not to leave too strong traces.

Whitewash effect

Juxtapose two colors irregularly and, before the whitewash dries, blend them together using a blending brush. You have to work square meter by square meter to prevent the paint from drying out before fading.

Herringbone whitewash

Apply a covering base coat and allow to dry 2-4 hours. Lay the second layer in chevrons, holding your brush at 45 °. Unlike the patina, you must load your brush well and, for an even more marked effect, slightly increase the proportion of dyes in the second pass.