How to water your green plants during the holidays?

How to water your green plants during the holidays?

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Help, your favorite neighbor can't come and water your green plants this summer! Fortunately, it is not because you are leaving for two weeks that your collection of orchids, Monstera and other avocados will give up. Thanks to one of these 3 tips, they will be watered gently during your absence. Follow the guide !

1. Water with a bottle of water

To keep the soil slightly moist continuously for ten days, the first tip is to use an inverted 1.5L water bottle as a water reserve. If you opt for the homemade solution, two possibilities: * you can pierce the cap of your bottle with a heated pin by making two tiny little holes and then push the cap into the ground. Simple, right? * the other technique consists in planting a toothpick in the bottle on one side and in the earth on the other. The water thus permeates the wooden stick and pours out very slowly. In both cases, don't forget to drill holes in the top of the bottle to allow air to pass through. If you prefer to buy a ready-to-use solution in the trade, several brands market objects which are screwed to the bottle and are fixed directly in the ground.

2. Water with a string

The second tip for watering your plants in your absence requires no DIY skills and frankly minimal equipment! It is enough to plunge the end of a string into the water of a bottle or a basin, and to place the other end in the ground. If the water reserve is placed high above the plant (prerequisite!), The string soaks up water and sprinkles the plant very slowly ... Remember to provide a sufficiently large reserve of water depending the length of your absence and thinking that the water will also evaporate. Count for example 2L for 2 weeks and 4L for 3 weeks!

A bottle high up, a string in the jar, and presto!

3. Sprinkle with a ceramic oya

Finally, the most aesthetic and natural solution is to use an "Oya". Quesako? A microporous ceramic pot that is buried or planted in the ground and lets moisture pass at the best rate. This thousand-year-old technique is coming back up to date because it saves water and avoids water stress for plants. And it's so beautiful, that we can even continue to use it after returning from vacation!

Ooyas, the new essential item for watering your plants!


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