When flowers dress the walls

When flowers dress the walls

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Fresh and intoxicating, the flowers are a real invitation to spring. That's good, the beautiful days are coming back, accompanied by new desires in the four corners of our interior. Put under frames, lying on wallpaper, shaped in brass, photographed in still life style or even slipped into vases, the flowers dress the walls with lightness and elegance. Demonstration.

Still life

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the still life of flowers celebrated the beauty and poetry of nature. Bouquets are often densely represented, arranged in precious vases or simply placed in wicker baskets. Today, it is photography that is inspired by this centuries-old style of painting to represent flowers in their simplest device, with an exceptional attention to detail. Once put under frames and installed on the wall, these photos attract the eye, arouse curiosity ... A flowered wall like in a museum, it's a big yes!

© Desenio

XXL flowers on wallpaper

Surfing on the vegetable trend, the wallpaper publishing houses have reappropriated these floral motifs which, for a time, no longer had the coast. And to be in vogue, we do not start on any model! Today, those with XXL floral prints are the most popular. Loaded and colored, they sometimes seem to be painted directly on the wall which makes the result truly authentic. Be careful all the same overdose! Covering one or two walls maximum is the rule of thumb to bring the right dose of freshness to the decor.

© Rebel Walls

A wreath of natural flowers

Seen in large numbers on the heads of brides and on models during spring fashion shows, flower wreaths are also on the rise in our interiors. Dried and stabilized, the plants used are fixed nicely along a more or less large metallic circle. If many designers already offer them ready, it is perfectly possible to start making a crown at home. On the hardware side, you will only need a pruner, a metal hanger and wire for wire mesh. Ideal for announcing spring, right?

© Deco Mint Studio

Brass armful

With its soft reflections, brass lights up the walls in the blink of an eye. To play the spring card thoroughly, we invite it in a flowery version "brewed" on the walls of the bedroom, living room or to energize the office. Self-adhesive and sold in different sizes, these flowers are set up in just a few minutes. It's up to you to compose!

© Umbra

Did you say drum?

The return of embroidery has brought with it the advent of embroidery drums. The latter, trimmed with floral fabrics, invite themselves to the wall with grace and delicacy like a painter's canvas in relief. And since one trend often hides another, this hooping of wood sees today its diverted use. Designed as a framework, it accommodates vegetable compositions in fabric or cut paper. A nice way to invite flowers to the wall, right?

© Manual Bracket / Leewalia

Wall vase

Now let's move on to a simple idea to set up: wall vases. The latter, which are preferred white, refined, small and discreet, settle in a cluster and welcome each week the fresh flowers picked in the garden or brought back from the florist.

© Becquet

In herbarium

In memory of the first flowers pressed between the pages of a large book in elementary school, take the next step by carefully framing them under glass and then posting them on the wall. The herbarium, one of the latest plant trends to date, plays the card of the exhibition. We multiply the species of flowers and we enjoy the result every day by simply looking up at the wall.


Flower stickers

For some time neglected, the wall stickers have a new look and have fun in the different ways of representing flowers. In the living room, we validate 100% the models drawn in black and white which seem straight out of a sketchbook. Perfect for giving character to the wall that hosts the sofa In the children's room, on the contrary, we prefer stickers with a childish design that we just stick here and there on a colored wall.

© Vynil impression stickers / Adnil Creations

A wreath of dried flowers

If the crown version is a classic, the variant in garland of dried flowers is also a nice way to flower your home. Easy to make - just equip yourself with a ball of jute twine, clothespins and flowers that remain beautiful when dry (gypsum, hydrangea, rice flower, thistle ...) wall with simple nails when finished. We admit that the idea of ​​hanging it over a bed is a real favorite for us.

© Monsieur Marguerite


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