I want an African style living room

I want an African style living room

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A beige sofa

To bring in Africa style in the living room, start by choosing large furniture in fairly soft colors such as a nice sofa in light gray or beige hues. You can opt for a Scandinavian-style sofa, with a structure or legs in light wood and fabric covering.

You will then be free to play with the contrasts of colors and ethnic patterns in the decor, in particular thanks to the plaids, cushions or other wax-inspired posters.

Wax print

Iconic fabric of african style, the wax is available in thousands of colors and patterns! Graphic and colorful, this fabric is not of African origin. Originally from Indonesia, it was brought back to Africa by Dutch settlers in the 19th century. They discovered the technique during the occupation of Indonesia.

Graphic, animal or plant patterns are part of the patterns that are found a lot on wax. For an African-style living room, cover your sofa with a throw in wax or a few cushions with different patterns. This immediately brings pep's to the room!

A rattan suspension

Rattan always brings a touch of exoticism when you bring it into the house. Light, timeless, it goes perfectly with an African style living room ! Suspended above a lounge or dining area, it diffuses a slightly dim light, very pleasant.

For a trendy interior, do not hesitate to have two or three rattan lights of different sizes and shapes in the same room. You can even hang several rattan suspensions from the ceiling together to create a designer light.

Tropical prints

On the walls, in wallpaper or in posters, adopt the tropical print! Palm leaves, monstera, lush vegetation ... The tropical prints arranged in small touches allow you to bring greenery into an African style living room

You can also fall for the tropical print on fabrics, like cushions or curtains, to decorate your living room.

Rattan chair

To bring a boho and vintage touch to your african living room, fall for a rattan armchair. As with the pendant lights, this natural material brings an exotic touch to the room.

Add cushions and possibly a padded fabric seat to make it more comfortable. In a corner of the room, it can become a nice place to read. Associated with a rattan sofa or a light fabric sofa, it allows to have a cozy and warm living room, where to meet with family or friends!

Rub your rattan armchair to have an authentic model, slightly weathered by time. You can otherwise find them at all prices in decoration stores, rattan has been very trendy for years.

Ethnic-inspired wall decorations

To give back your African style living room even warmer, do not hesitate to come decorate the walls with various wall decoration objects. Mix styles and materials to create a travel souvenir decor.

Among the wall decorations that can decorate the walls of your living room, we find:

  • the posters : black and white illustrations of African men and women, photographs of the savannah, wax or ethnic prints… You are spoiled for choice! Do not hesitate to install them under a frame to give them a little "work of art" look.
  • the hangings : of Berber inspiration or with ethnic patterns, the drapes cover a large section of wall. In order not to overload the room, be sure to install a single wall hanging on one wall. This can be behind your sofa, behind your TV or simply to define a space in your living room.
  • vegetable fiber baskets: very trendy, vegetable fiber baskets can be fixed to the wall, using hooks. Either empty, or with a plant or dried flowers inside to play the card of the urban jungle.
  • travel memories: mapemonde, wicker wall decorations in the shape of a palm leaf, large ethnic trays in colored vegetable fiber… Collect what could be memories of a trip to Africa on your walls!