Aromatic herbs also have a seasonality!

Aromatic herbs also have a seasonality!

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And you, did you know that basil is only picked from June to August? To avoid consuming aromatic herbs out of season, discover our seasonal table of aromatic herbs! In order to organize yourself as well as possible for your recipes requiring aromatic herbs in the middle of winter, we suggest that you discover in which season these are picked. Because your succulent lasagna will not be perfect without basil and the potatoes in the dress of the fields necessarily require sprigs of chives to make the béarnaise that accompanies them. Here is a little reminder that will help you grow and harvest your aromatic herbs at the right time. You can then, as you wish, dry them, freeze them or condition them for consumption throughout the year!

Find our calendars of seasonal fruits and vegetables to download on déco.fr: here the month of August!