4 rules to follow to properly set up your dining room

4 rules to follow to properly set up your dining room

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The dining room is one of the most important parts of an interior. And for good reason, we meet there as a family at the end of the day and we share special moments with our loved ones. So many reasons to make it a reunion place where conviviality is the key word. Whether large or small, whether it is open to the kitchen or shared with the living room, we will give you all our advice to optimize your dining room.

1. Respect for proportions

Being the flagship piece of furniture in the dining room, the table should be chosen with care. If the choice of shape almost only depends on the desired style, the choice of size is an essential step when planning the room. You should choose a model that is neither too small nor too large for the size of the household. But you must also respect the proportions of the space you have. Take care to study the perimeter necessary for each seat and thus promote good circulation around the dining table. Provide a space of 150cm around the chair is ideal. On the width side, count 60cm for each person on the table.

2. A strategic location

In general, the dining room is located near a kitchen. It must be said, the choice of location is a matter of practice which should allow us to make our daily lives easier. Between the multiple comings and goings, the path between the two rooms must be easily accessible. Open kitchens have understood this and offer a very friendly alternative. One thing is certain, the kitchen must be close to your dining room.

3. Each space has its function

All interior designers say it, for each room, its function. Yes, but in the case of the dining area, not everyone is lucky enough to have a dedicated room for each activity. And very often, the dining room coexists with the living room or invites itself in the kitchen. For an optimal and coherent arrangement, there are a few tips for delimiting spaces. You can choose to mark the areas thanks to different floor or wall coverings. Simple decorative elements can also do the trick such as the use of a carpet or light fixtures. The objective? Distinguish the functions of each space at a glance.

4. Friendliness above all!

We don't teach you anything, the dining area is the most convivial space in the house. It must be said, it is around the table that all the members of the family meet to share a special moment. The dining area must therefore be family friendly. To make the dining room a real place to live, the decor is a great ally. Starting with the seats. If country houses prefer benches to reinforce the cozy spirit of the room, more contemporary interiors can bet on a mix and match. By varying the types of chair around the dining table, you can be sure to gain in conviviality! Likewise, lighting plays an important role in the ambiance of the dining room. Choose a pendant lamp to install above the table for direct lighting and complete with auxiliary lights on the surrounding furniture and shelves for a more intimate side. So you can adapt the atmosphere according to the different times of the day.