8 styles of terrariums that will change your interior

8 styles of terrariums that will change your interior

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The reputation of terrariums no longer needs to be rebuilt. Indeed, many of us love these mini indoor gardens. To change relatively classic models, we unearthed our favorite inspirations from atypical terrariums. In a bell, on a stand, suspended, in the form of balls, graphics, diverted… Discover 8 styles of terrariums that will change your interior!

1. Diverse dishes

Plants are not confined to simple pots or vases. They can also flourish in objects diverted from their primary functions. This is the case of these two terrariums designed in porcelain dishes, the first being in a watering can and the second in a small pitcher. And one thing is certain, we love the result!

2. Botanical test tubes

To change traditional terrariums, we suggest you play it a little chemist with these botanical test tubes! Accumulate them on a piece of furniture or a shelf, vary the shapes and sizes and you will give the air of a cabinet of curiosities to your interior…

3. Under cover

The terrarium takes on a whole new dimension when it is dressed in a glass bell. Like a mini ecosystem, we like to admire the evolution of plants in this poetic decorative object that is the bell. The good decor idea? Use a piece of wood as a support to place the glass bell!

4. Hanging bulbs

We continue our selection of atypical terrariums with, once again, an object diversion. Here the terrariums find their place in old light bulbs which are hung with the help of rope. No doubt, this vegetable artistic creation will attract all eyes in your interior!

5. Candy boxes

You want to create your own indoor terrarium but you don't know in which medium to do it? Why not use a candy box or glass jars? In two steps, three movements, you will get a terrarium without having to spend all your savings!

6. Graphic version

Notice to lovers of Scandinavian and modern decoration, this terrarium is the model for you! With its geometric lines, this terrarium easily finds its place on a shelf, a ladder or even a piece of furniture. In any case, we like its graphic look which gives style to the succulents…

7. On foot

Generally, the terrarium forms a standing vase. But this one decided to get rid of the codes. Indeed, this model is neither to pose nor to suspend; he is on his feet. We fall for its airy look and its swing effect that swings the decor of the room in which it is located!

8. Hanging balls

In the same genre as that of light bulbs, these terrariums take height in vases with the appearance of globes. With their small openings, these small terrariums give the impression of being inhabited. You can even have fun integrating some figurines alongside succulents and succulents. In any case, prefer the accumulation over the single terrarium for maximum effect!