What to clean with a steam cleaner?

What to clean with a steam cleaner?

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Small revolution in the world of household tools, the steam cleaner is at the center of the stage to remove dirt and odors in the blink of an eye. Versatile and environmentally friendly accessory, focus on 5 ways to use this gem of cleanliness.


- Clean windows and mirrors - Furniture with a steam cleaner - Clean the entire kitchen - Clean from floor to ceiling - Home textiles with a steam cleaner

1. Clean glass and mirrors

The steam cleaner is very successful, especially for maintaining the glass surfaces of the house. Faster than a swipe and above all more effective in saying goodbye to traces, we use it without moderation! * Windows and glazing: Ideal for streak-free windows, the steam jet is used on the panes while the dry steam eliminates dust on the frames or blinds. * Mirrors: Apply steam for a few seconds before wiping the surface with a clean cloth and voila!

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2. Furniture in a steam cleaner

Not always easy to clean your interior furniture, especially when it is not removable. This is where the steam cleaner comes in to effortlessly maintain these everyday objects. * The mattress: When the amount of water used is less than 10%, the superheated steam is ideal for disinfecting it. It eliminates mites and bedbugs. * sofa and armchairs: Powerful, the steam removes stains here without damaging the fabrics. It penetrates all types of fibers - even leathers, to dislodge dirt.

3. Clean the kitchen completely

A true disinfectant, the steam cleaner is formidable in the face of dirt in humid and sometimes greasy rooms such as the kitchen. * Refrigerator and freezer: yes, we can clean these two conservation monsters with steam. Safe for food, it eliminates bacteria and mold in every corner, even on rubber seals. * Oven and barbecue: here too, the steam cleaner is effective since it degreases the smallest parts of our cooking appliances in a healthy way. * Washbasin and piping: we associate it with a few drops of lemon to descale in depth where the sponges do not reach the deposits.

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4. Clean from floor to ceiling

© Château de la Bourdaisière Steam has the power, depending on its intensity, to clean the house from the cellar to the attic, regardless of the coatings installed there. * Tile, stone or parquet: in dry vapor for wood or combined with a microfiber cloth for porous floors, the vapor offers an immediate result without effort. * Walls and ceilings: even delicate, some coverings such as wallpaper can be completely cleaned with steam. Everything is a question of temperature for a safe cleaning so that each surface finds its account.

5. Home textiles in a steam cleaner

Fresh freshness for home textiles, it's possible! It is cleaned and purified by combining several elements such as essential oils with the steam cleaner. * Carpets: clean and disinfected, they regain a second youth with the power of steam while keeping their volume. * Curtains and net curtains: for a 100% spring atmosphere, essential oils or lemon blend with steam to obtain a fresh and fragrant cleaning.


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