Color and fantasy on the terrace or balcony

Color and fantasy on the terrace or balcony

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The right colors

Intermediate space between nature and the interior, the terrace constitutes a haven of life. The way you manage it reflects your relationship with nature. In town, creating a green lung there is very soothing. All variations of this color can abound, more or less important depending on the desired effect. In addition to green, the brown of the tree is welcome, in the slats of a floor or gratings. Spots of colors can be brought in according to the seasons: the reds of the geranium to anchor us in the summer, the mauves of the heather in the fall, the yellow and white of the daffodils and daffodils in the spring. The ideal and energetic terrace shelters the five elements and the color associated with it (wood, earth, metal, water, fire).

Shades to avoid

If you have a very urban terrace with few plants and flowers, be careful not to reproduce the color codes of your interior. A white floor or walls do not promote relaxation, do not invite to meetings of friends. The trendy mauve and fuchsia colors are not suitable for outdoors and may seem irritating to you. To feel good on the terrace, it is important to create the idea of ​​the corner of nature. A wooden floor and matching deckchairs, covered with cheerful fabric, may suffice.


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