5 styles, 5 wedding tables

5 styles, 5 wedding tables

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That's it, have you just taken the plunge and accepted his request? You are now launched in the adventure of marriage. But concerning the decoration, which style to adopt? What atmosphere to offer my guests for the meal table? The choice is so wide, where to start? Today, the bride and groom want more than anything an event that resembles them. The editorial staff of déco.fr offers 5 styles of decoration to inspire you, in today's trend. Decryption and advice for a unique and lively wedding, just like you.

1. Boho chic: wild and whimsical

© Darina Stoda Photography / Corey Lynn Tucker Photography / Peggy Saas Flowers, wild grasses and wind in your hair ... In summary : Peace, love and adventure. You who would have liked to live in the Woodstock years, this style of decoration is for you! Between hippie chic and hobo adventurer (*vagabond), My heart balances. Here we dream of a life of travel to the four corners of the planet. Where the colors of ocher and green blend, a breath of freedom blows through your hair ... For a Boho-Chic wedding, we adopt a lively and relaxed style, in the open air.

© Immerse Photography As for table decoration, we opt for driftwood, pretty flowers and cacti. The carrier materials are natural, earthy. We add geometric copper details the ambiance, like candlesticks or terrariums for example. Another essential detail: macrame, which made its comeback recently. We love it for its vintage and bohemian look. For more fantasy, we accessorize it with pretty flowers: vuvuzela roses, pampas herbs, proteas, astibes, dried scabiosis ... Flower power! Elegant weaving under the ceremonial arch, we also like it table runner, in the wood. In terms of cutlery, we stay in shades of white and coppery. We complete with a faceted glassware with a chic and retro line. For a wild and mystical side, we dare strong pieces. For example, a buffalo skull or deer antlers that we subtly marry with flowers and a few semi-precious stones. Above the table, you can also hang jokes-dreams for a poetic dimension. Are you there? So it's your turn to play now!

2. Kinfolk: authentic and vegetal

© Jose Villa / Sweet Carolina Blues / Laura Gordon Photography Natural and vegetal simplicity, grace in its pure state. Kinfolk, but what is it? More than a trend, it is a true art of living, who advocates authenticity and harmony with nature. Sober and minimalist, he explores a slower lifestyle, focused on welfare and health. Do you recognize yourself in this portrait? Here are some decoration tips. First, you need green ! We dare the total foliage look. For the table runner, eucalyptus branches, rosemary or asparagus. At the buffet, a few pots ofseasonings. As for the decor of the photobooth, why not a wall of ferns? What if we offered small plants as gifts for guests ? On the table, they can even be used as name tags.

© Alissa Saylor As for the table, in the kinfolk art of living, we imagine simple, elegant and friendly. No need for frills to have a good time with loved ones. A table in raw wood, of vegetal in the center, from White for candles and plates… but as it is a great day, we are nevertheless tempted by pretty golden cutlery ! As for napkins or table runners, we always favor natural materials : linen, burlap ... Regarding the menus, we think eco-responsible! We print on recycled paper. Or for even more cachet, we position a unique menu on a large blackboard at the entrance to the room. We love when ecology rhymes with economy, don't you?

3. Tropicool: exotic and quirky

© Aaron and Jillian Photography / JESSICA BORDNER PHOTOGRAPHY / Style Me Pretty Go ahead for a colorful trip! Who never dreamed of a wedding in the tropics ? Coconut palms, exotic fruits and flower necklaces ... But moving your whole family to the other side of the world is not always easy. Nor synonymous with savings elsewhere! However, for some time now, a new trend surf the world of decoration: the Tropicool style. Native of Miami Beach Florida, it draws its inspiration from its colorful façades, its spirit signs art Deco and the mild climate. Pastel colors enhanced with brighter shades, the color chart extends from water green to fuschia, through yellow and orange. A beautiful tangy palette! But the Tropicool trend would not be what it is without its famous Flamingo ! Whether by small touches or as a common thread for an assumed kitsch side, it ensures a sparkling and offbeat look.

© MADISON SHORT PHOTOGRAPHY For my table, where do I start? First, the choice of foliage : palm leaves, banana, ferns ... Then come the flowers : exotic or more conventional, depending on the desired effect. And finally some fruity touches. And for that, the fruit star is thepineapple ! With his beautiful green crown, he will surely be the king of the table. We don't hesitate to customize, paint it, or even turn it into original vase ! To finish setting the scene, we write the menu on a monstera leaf, placed on each plate. Our little finger tells us that you will succumb.

4. Gatsby: art deco and roaring twenties

© Name Name Sweeties / Ella Farrell / 100LC Shine brightly! New York, his roaring twenties, his art deco style, his distinguished elegance ... And above all the impression that success is within everyone's reach, the american dream in short ! For you, marriage rhymes with class and refinement. And if we chose the style Gatsby, said “the magnificent” ? Like the mythical receptions of this romantic character, we offer a most beautiful party to our guests. Starting with a few hi-hat steps on a jazzy atmosphere ! But before running the champagne afloat, let's make a little practical point on the decor side. If we had to quote only one color, it would of course begold ! Married to the color black, the golden elements appear magnified, as if advanced in the foreground. We like the sophisticated side of this theme, which immerses us inuniverse of the 20s. Like an actor in the cinema, you are the actor of your life, ready to say yes on the big red carpet!

© Justin DeMutiis Photography What about table decoration? We are moving towards a long matte black topping, possibly with some regular white stripes. Side dishes, we alternate between black and gold, for more contrast. Large glasses with elegant curves will be perfect for toasting. In the center, we install a table runner with golden reflections. We adopt beautiful candles for a romantic atmosphere, and some round bouquets in worked vases. At the floral level, it will be necessary to decide between white or black. Between peonies and pure clusters on the one hand, dahlias and roses with dark petals on the other ... We hesitate, and you? Finally, we accessorize the composition with a few beads and beautiful feathers. Be careful not to overload, it's about staying chic and controlled. Regarding the menus, the line is noble: while Art Deco style gilding, on beautiful white paper. Shining brightly in this luxurious setting, what a joy to be the star of the day, isn't it?

5. Vintage crush: flea market and odds and ends

© Arina B Photography / Gui Jorge / Kelli Hunt Photography Vintage objects and some old lace, you are ready for a vintage wedding! We no longer present the timeless vintage style to the universe retro and offbeat ! Like what, the trends are made and unbreakable tirelessly. Notice to Web 2.0 bargain hunters, or Sunday junk dealers ! Objects full of nostalgia, the old-fashioned charm of the old… don't throw anything away, we recycle! You will understand, the vintage style has a thousand faces. It’s best to approach it in your own way, like a story about oneself that we would like to share. We also sometimes like his wacky little side, absurd: a sofa on the lawn, a record player in the middle of the buffet, a few suitcases stacked next to the guest book ... All on a little rock'n'roll tunefestive spirit and guinguette!

© Pierre Atelier Regarding table decoration, we have fun! We bet on our passions, gathered in a joyful junk. Old silver photo cameras, old books, typewriter, terrestrial globe ... There is no shortage of choices to find THE decorative detail. Once found, we decorate with pretty flowers, usually in style romantic or rural. But here too, all tastes - and colors - are allowed. Regarding textiles, we stay on sober colors associated with linen. Finally, the perfect combo: mismatched dishes, silver cutlery and faceted glasses. So, ready for a trip back in time to the land of the big Yes?