HOME Magazine dissects eco-conscious homes

HOME Magazine dissects eco-conscious homes

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For its special issue n ° 7, HOME magazine takes stock of ecological habitat in an extremely comprehensive manner. With a presentation that leaves a large part to the visuals, all aspects of the ecological house are analyzed in great detail in the manner of a real guide. We thus find there, information on labels, ecological building materials such as wood or terracotta, but also files on insulation based on natural materials, descriptions of photovoltaic energy production systems or even indications concerning new environment-friendly heating systems (heat pumps, condensing boilers, etc.). An excellent tool for those who wish to improve the ecological performance of their "home sweet home" with the added bonus of a list of all websites where you can find details of the products presented in the special issue.

HOME Magazine

Dossier Eco-conscious Houses Special Issue n ° 7 Summer 2008 7.50 euros


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