Iridescent blind

Iridescent blind

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1 roll of iridescent plastic film 70 cm wide 2 flat wooden rods 70 cm long 1 wall stapler Glue for plastic 1 hard brush 7 closed eyes with screws Ribbon (here, 13 m of ribbon for a 150 cm blind top) 2 large pearls

Production :

5 'Preparation

Measure the height of the window where you want to hang your blind. In the plastic film, cut a length equal to this height plus 12 centimeters.

5 'Collage

Coat one side of the stick with glue and place it along one end of the plastic film. Let the glue set.

5 'Application of the wand

Roll the baguette in the plastic film while pulling it well to stretch it and staple regularly.

10 'Fixing

Attach the second strip in the same way, taking care to place it on the same side of the plastic film.

10 'Application of pitons

On each rod, staples side, screw the pins as shown in the diagram: pdf: 277528

10 'Fitting the ribbons

Place the ribbon in the pins as shown in the diagram on page 90. Slide a bead at the ends of the ribbons.

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