Curtains: a custom valance

Curtains: a custom valance

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Good to know

Until the appearance of plastic materials and their massive use in decoration, valances were wooden, heavy planks covered with fabric and securely fixed in the walls and ceiling. Nowadays, to simplify our lives, there are PVCs, one side of which is self-adhesive and pre-drawn in different forms of valance (warheads, rounded ...) and the other side covered with dark velvet. You can also opt for flexible valances, simply placed, with a gripping tape, on a cleat fixed to the ceiling.

The Pro Council

If the design of your valance has points and rounded edges, don't forget to scissor the edges of your fabric with scissors before turning it over, so that the contours are perfectly sharp. You can leave the fabric as it is, since the sticker will prevent fraying, or decorate with a small braid, piping, a hazelnut fringe… placed with a special fabric glue.

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