Make a cloud lamp

Make a cloud lamp

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Cloudy textured layer (grape format, 100 g) Adhesive polyphane 1 pair of scissors 1 ruler 1 cutter Extra-strong 4 "S" double-sided adhesive tape 2 cm long 1 white light garland (40 to 50 bulbs) The lamp has was done by taking a single layer sheet in its entirety.

Production :

15 'Cutting and gluing

Coarsely cut a piece of Polyphane larger than the tracing sheet. Remove the plastic film from it to keep only the adhesive part, which you place flat on the table, sticky part towards you. Roll the tracing sheet and slowly unroll it on the Polyphane, smoothing it as you go along with the perfectly clean ruler. Cut out what protrudes.


If air bubbles form, pierce them gently with a very fine needle.

10 'Construction of the cylinder

Place a length of tape over one of the lengths of the layer. Roll the layer and close it in a cylinder.


You will more easily realize the cylinder by winding the layer on a roller.

5 'Suspension

Fold the garland in four, then slide it into the cylinder. You can then suspend it using the "S".

20 tracing paper objects © Flammarion editions, 2003


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