The Think & More design boutique

The Think & More design boutique

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A stone's throw from Les Halles, I recommend a designer boutique: "Think & More". In addition to a very nice welcome, it is above all a place to find design objects of all kinds: books, dishes, cushions, lights ... French designers like Tsé-Tsé, or foreigners, the objects presented here are truly original. Here the design is sharp and you will always be one step ahead. Regarding the prices, it's a bit elitist but there are some affordable objects… Special mention to their wallpaper space which throws a max. One last piece of advice: go visit them regularly and take the opportunity to take a look at their temporary photographers' exhibitions because this shop is also a gallery… Think & more… 108 rue St Honoré 75001 Paris. tel: 01 40 26 18 51 mail: [email protected] Metro: Louvre - Rivoli


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