Change to ecological bed linen!

Change to ecological bed linen!

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The use of natural materials in bed linen and bedding is not in itself new. But their entry into the ecological world is one, contrary to all received ideas. Linen, cotton, wool, hemp and other fibers extracted from nature, should in fact be organic. But it is to forget that before arriving on your cozy bed, these famous fibers transformed into threads, then woven, undergo quantity of treatments based on chemical products. The best known is chlorine, used to bleach fabrics, but the dyes used to dye textiles are also extremely chemical. With the general awareness of the harmful effects of pollution on our environment, it is not surprising that some manufacturers have looked into the issue, and have decided to create 100% eco-friendly ranges. Fi therefore treated fibers, and long live organic cotton, linen, bamboo, hemp formerly widely used for their extreme strength and tinted colors ...

I want organic bed linen

Brands are increasingly integrating an organic collection into their ranges, Elvé was one of the first to try the experience. The mail-order catalogs, La Redoute, Les Trois Suisses, are not to be outdone. If the first products were at the beginning of a cream color supposed to express the organic side of the collections in question, today the prints and the color appear, as in the range "Cotonea", organic and fair collection of the brand of Zaessinger. Many people on the Internet have specialized. This is the case of Couleur Chanvre and its magnificent range of hemp linen, the colors of which are made from plants.

Bedding made with natural materials

Here too, the proposals are flourishing, the manufacturers of mattresses made of pure wool, untreated of course, take the fur of the beast and offer to provide you with products whose merit, in addition to the ecological aspect and comfort, also lies in their longevity , for example thirty years for a mattress from Bien-et-bio.com. As a result, their price, often higher than that of an ordinary mattress, is amortized over the long term. Others offer mattresses based on natural latex (www.biosense.fr), with linen or bamboo cutlery, or offer non-glued wooden bed bases (www.ardelaine.fr).


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