The capiton in all its states

The capiton in all its states

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A new creative current is blowing on the quilt. Long neglected, he finds a second youth, in part thanks to the creators who appropriate it and offer him new weapons. Arrogant forms and materials with all tests, the capiton takes again the braid and is essential in any interior decoration.

100% capiton Chesterfield

When we talk about capiton, we immediately think of the famous english chesterfield . Propelled to the fore on the occasion of the last House and Objects, with an inflatable version designated by the Dutchman Jeroen van de Kant for Blofield , we love it and we adopt it throughout the house. Made of PVC and vinyl, it can stay in the garden as well as in the living room! In black, white or earth gray; in armchair or sofa it adapts to all types of decoration.Red Edition rather offers him an XXL format and gives it a very designer nobility with its 4 m long. And for fans of the Chesterfield in a more traditional style at a low cost, we will be tempted by that of Conforama at price from 649 euros.

The capiton revisited

Being decorative down to the smallest detail, it is possible especially since Chantal Thomass had the good idea to reinterpret, the quilt… for the washing machine ! For the Vedette brand, the designer has dressed the washing machine with a quilted effect in pink silk and gives it the name "Underside". The problem is that there are only 300 copies that can be reserved on its website! However, rest assured,Christophe Koziel and his visual impostures attribute a super realistic vision to the capiton . This creator likes to deceive the eye by photographing and retouching original pieces that he finds, on rigid and flat supports. The effect is stunning! It offers a padded headboard of several sizes and different colors: gold, white, pink ... the rendering is striking and price-wise. Count 239 euros.

Wiser versions

Discreet and elegant, boudoir chairs from Maisons du Monde in black or taupe velvet, with their scrolls will add a refined touch to a simple office or bedroom. And if you have a mini budget, you can still give a quilting effect to your sofa.Les 3 Suisses, for example, offers padded cushions: linen, green, black or red. By multiplying them on your seat, you create the quilted decor effect at a reasonable price.