The 08 Gautier collection of children's furniture

The 08 Gautier collection of children's furniture

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Create a playful, original and colorful atmosphere in your children's room! Since 1958, the French furniture manufacturer Gautier has imagined children's bedrooms that adapt to their needs. This fall, Gautier launches the Tam Tam collection made up of evolving furniture that transforms to accompany children over the years. The changing table becomes a dresser and a small table while the baby bed changes into a "little bed". 334 euros + 44 euros for the "Little bed" option. The Tam Tam collection also strives to optimize space with the "Tam", small nesting cupboards, practical and fun. The possibility of adding drawers under the beds provides additional space for storage. Between 78 and 97 euros. Finally, the collection fulfills your child's dream: to have a cabin in their bedroom. Indeed, it is possible to add a wooden frame: a beautiful idea that takes up no space on the ground! 1,544 euros (straight bed, cushions, drawers, and frame included)> More information on


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