Choosing the right sofa

Choosing the right sofa

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The sofa is a centerpiece in the decoration of a living room. But when investing in a new sofa, there are other questions to ask than aesthetics and price. Comfort, covering, structure are all criteria to take into account. Here are 8 rules for making the right choice.

The right size

Determine the space you have in your living room. Compare the measurements of the room and the sofa you like. It would be a shame to choose without thinking too large a sofa (which will suffocate the room) or on the contrary too small (which will seem lost).

Good use

If your future sofa will only serve as a seat because you have a spare bedroom, for example, then it is not worth investing in a convertible model. These are indeed generally more expensive and a little less comfortable. If you have young children or pets, choose a sofa that is resistant and not very dirty (treated against stains) or easy to clean (for example, with removable cover).

Good value for money

From the budget you give yourself, choose the best possible quality and for the longest lifespan. Keep in mind that an inexpensive sofa will warp more quickly and risk landing quickly at the recycling center.

The coating best suited to your needs

Textile, synthetic or leather, there is something for everyone. But each coating has advantages and disadvantages. Cotton is cheap. But if it is united, beware of stains. Choose your sofa with Scotchgard or Teflon treatment. Otherwise, there are spray bomb treatments. Synthetic textiles are more and more common. They are generally solid, soft to the touch (microfiber, alcantara, etc.), not very dirty and even sometimes machine washable for certain models with removable covers. Finally, leather, when well maintained, takes on a beautiful patina over time and ages well, especially full-grain leather. It is also easy to clean. On the other hand, it is sensitive to scratches and costs more than textiles.

Convertible, click-clack or BZ?

The convertible sofa is suitable for extra bedding, of infrequent use. This is where we find the most choice of coatings and styles. The click-clack turns into a bed by lifting the seat and putting the two parts flat. The bed is parallel to the wall. It offers a wider seat width than the BZ. The latter is more suitable for small spaces. Consisting of three articulated parts, it unfolds in an accordion and offers a bed perpendicular to the wall.

A solid and comfortable sofa

For the structure, know that beech and plywood are the strongest materials. Also check that the crossbars are stapled and glued wood for added strength. Regarding the suspension, the springs offer a rather firm comfort and the straps a flexible comfort. If, because of the price, you choose straps, make sure that they are crisscrossed and very long (they must go down as low as possible). As for the slats in solid wood or plywood, they offer a very good quality of seat and sleeping.

A good seat

To be perfectly seated, do a little test: your feet must rest on the floor (some sofas with very wide seats do not allow you to put your feet). The backrest should hold your back gently and firmly. If you sink too far, it's not good. Also try to sit on the edge of the sofa to verify that the springs or straps are properly adjusted. Finally the cushions must be soft while retaining firmness. The higher the density of the foam (polyether or polyurethane), the better the support. The ideal is a foam with a density greater than 19 kg / m3. As for the high resilience polyurethane foam, it returns to its initial shape after deformation and ensures excellent cushion hold over time.

Why not a label?

The NF Ameublement label is a guarantee of quality. It means that the furniture has been tested in real life conditions. It was subjected to repeated pressure and friction. Please note: the standard in several levels: "Reference" (3 year warranty) certifies quality, solidity and durability. "Requirement" (5 year warranty) also concerns the choice of materials, the care taken over the finishes and the quality of execution. Finally "Prestige" (also guaranteed 5 years) attests to the execution in the rules of the art, the nobility of materials and assemblies and the authenticity of the style. Trends, photos and advice around the sofa: Mistakes to avoid and choice of cushions.


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