The romantic universe of P'Home D'Amour

The romantic universe of P'Home D'Amour

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Do you dream of a sweet, poetic, powdery world? The universe of P'Home d'Amour is waiting for you! If you do not have the chance to live near the decoration shop located in the Loire, rest assured because P'Home D'amour is above all an online sales site. You will find sections filled with refined objects and full of charm. At the end of the bath, wrap yourself in the large pearl gray bath towel (29.50 euros) before slipping under the beige plaid (44.50 euros) surrounded by bird cushions (29.25 euros). Dim the light with the Magic Forest lamp (69 euros) before serving yourself a cup of tea using the Roma teapot (13.50 euros + 14.50 euros for the three matching towels). For a romantic dinner, opt for a very nice recipe: a few omelet eggs from the metal basket (13.90 euros) with pasta from the jars (28.75 euros). For dessert, decorate a fromage blanc with jam with a vichy lid (2.50 euros both) that you will place on the platter in the heart (15.90 euros). You will have previously displayed your favorite photos on the magnetic board. > Find out more at


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