10 decorative ideas to revamp your kitchen

10 decorative ideas to revamp your kitchen

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Your kitchen looks gray, a bit tired, it is sorely lacking. You would like to change it, but embarking on large-scale works is not topical. Give it a second youth in 10 decorating tips that will make you see it in a different light.

1- A healthy glow effect

A great classic: change the color of the walls! And don't hesitate to use a bold color to wake up your kitchen. No need to repaint everything, at the risk of suffocating it visually, but rather prefer a single section of wall. To give it a real "decorative presence", choose a strong color like carmine red, lemon yellow or purple.

2- A second life for closets

You have had enough of your closet fronts. Without replacing them, opt for adhesive paper. A simple and inexpensive solution which consists in dressing them by cutting to size a self-adhesive sheet which is applied directly to the facade. The Vénilia Soft metal adhesive (from 18.70 euros per roll) decorates all surfaces and will be perfect for asserting a contemporary style.

3- Sort

Now that you have beautiful closets, lots of storage is needed. Start by sorting your dishes and discard anything mismatched. Sort through your provisions, you will see, you will save space and therefore space!

4- Rethink your organization

Good simple advice: all you need most often is to have cupboards in front of you, so that you don't have to move everything every time you want to use it. Salt, pepper, spices are to be carried by hand. Ikea for example offers small round boxes with transparent lids to clearly see the content and which are magnetized on the fridge or on a metal splashback. And at 3.95 euros for 3, why deprive yourself?

5- The accessory sets the scene

A decorative detail that immediately makes the difference: the cupboard handles. You will assign a completely different style only by changing them. With your metal effect adhesive, prefer long zinc handles in a contemporary style. And for a "country house" spirit, choose rather round wooden buttons.

6- Tune your appliances

After painting your section of wall with a beautiful carmine red, continue the effect of the color until on your work plan. Invest for example, in a blender, a toaster or an espresso machine of the same color. Manufacturers have understood this and today each robot, fridge or toaster ... comes in different colors. And even less expensive: the colander! Of all colors, it very decorative hanging on the wall.

7- Take care of your lighting

Change the mood only with light. It's even easier with Dot It. These small bright LEDs are easy to use. Just stick them on and turn them on with a single touch. Place them under the wall storage to drive out the shaded areas and visually open the space. Some are even adjustable and can be placed inside the cupboards to light it when you open it.

8- Let your walls express themselves

Dress your walls differently than with frames! Use large industrial style letters and compose words like Miam Miam, Bon appétit or Glacier . And complete your expression zone by painting a wide strip from floor to ceiling on a wall with blackboard paint. Two coats are necessary for a clean result. Then it only remains to write the recipe for the last chocolate fondant, the shopping list or the menu of the day.

9- Warm the floor

No more cold tiles! Cover your floor with a thin, long rug and preferably place it in front of the sink. Another solution is to invest in PVC flooring. The new models are very decorative. Imitation pebbles, limed parquet, wild grass ... They decorate themselves and are inexpensive.

10- "Chinese" Council

Always keep your kitchen tidy. It is more pleasant to go there and to cook. Do not forget to ventilate every day for 5 minutes, even on very cold days, to renew the air. All our kitchen decoration videos