The butterfly effect to enchant a child's room

The butterfly effect to enchant a child's room

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Put some poetry in your interior thanks to the butterflies. Available in various forms, they will bring a little cheerfulness in the heart of winter. In bouquets of flowers, on curtains or even on the fridge, think of butterflies on a clip (14.50 euros), on a magnet (17.25 euros) or in a garland (12.50 euros) offered by ComingB (offering a very wide choice). Customize your walls with Idezif stickers (19 euros) or rhinestone wall jewelry (4.90 euros) and adhesive butterfly wallboards (15.90 euros) from Leroy Merlin. And don't forget the Butterfly clock by Suzanne Philippson (149 euros). On the ceiling, hang the magnificent ComingB butterfly mobile which will give a magical look to the room (33.80 euros). For the little girl's rooms, get the pink butterfly carpet (22.00 euros) sold at La Redoute or the butterfly cushion (9.90 euros) from Alinea. And to perfect it all, wrap your bed with the Fred the dog butterfly sheet set (77 euros per set), for princess dreams…


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