Country-style, rustic and family cuisine!

Country-style, rustic and family cuisine!

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A nice central island, practical and rustic

To cook, savor good meals and have fun with family, what could be more convivial than a central island in a kitchen? Like a ritual, the central island becomes a family gathering where everyone meets around to get their hands dirty. For a country-style kitchen, you must choose a wooden piece of furniture. And for good reason, there is nothing more rustic! Consider adding bar chairs to one side of the furniture for a more family-friendly kitchen.

Shelves made of wooden crates

Composed of wooden crates, this shelf placed on the floor will create a sensation in charming kitchens. Fixed vertically or horizontally, the wooden boxes allow you to store dishes, utensils and kitchen condiments inside and on top of the boxes. And as we see everything they contain, we put away our best dishes to highlight them. For the rest, remember to contrast your decor by combining the aged wood of the shelf with smoother and more colorful materials. This will modernize and energize your room!

The retro mechanical scale, the must of rustic decor

To reign in the atmosphere of the kitchens of our childhood, there is a solution: get retro furniture and accessories! We start with a detail but not the least: the kitchen scale. With its retro look, this model echoes the vintage scales of our grandmothers. We love its rounded shapes. And of course, it does not store in the closet but is displayed on a shelf or the kitchen worktop! Something to recreate the atmosphere of grocery stores of yesteryear. The information to remember? Vintage appliances are great allies for a country-style kitchen. So don't neglect them!

The wooden dresser, essential

Flagship piece of furniture for all rustic kitchens, the dresser is back in force to the delight of fans of authenticity. Generally, it consists of a low sideboard and a glass part on top. It is certainly an imposing piece of furniture, but it will be the centerpiece of your kitchen. Especially since it will save you a lot of space since you can store all your dishes there. To develop fully, the dresser needs a lot of space. But, if you have little space, nothing prevents you from installing it in your living room or dining room! The decor idea: if we like them in patinated and aged raw wood in a country kitchen, we imagine it painted black for a more chic and contemporary decor!

Decorative and vintage jars

A country kitchen worthy of the name is proud of the accessories that compose it. The pans are suspended from the splashback, the utensils and tea towels become decorative objects in their own right. As for the jars, they accumulate on a shelf and contain all the condiments necessary for cooking. And it is precisely these jars that interest us. In addition to being very practical for storing and storing food, they are also very trendy. As you can see, every detail counts in a rustic kitchen!

Chairs, combining bistro and countryside

That we agree, one could not be more convivial than a bistro. To reproduce this atmosphere in your kitchen, you just need to choose suitable furniture. The bistro chair is the best example. Combining the French provincial style and the Parisian bistro spirit, this solid wood chair seduces with its rounded shapes. For a more modern look, consider mismatching your chairs by choosing them in different colors. Choice of seats: beyond the bistro chairs, you can opt for a bench or bench. For the touch of originality, you can bet on one side of the table with chairs and the other with a bench. Again, this reminds of the family atmosphere of the bistros that we cherish so much.

A nice little zinc tray, 100% rustic

More than any decorative style, raw materials are in the spotlight in rustic interiors. Wood, brass, copper, zinc, metal ... If you want a harmonious and warm decor, you will have to choose only two or three to dress the accessories of your kitchen. We fell for a small zinc tray that we imagine placed vertically on a shelf or on a table with a few pots of flowers on it. Of course, he is also a great ally to present an aperitif or a snack! What to associate it with? To soften raw materials like zinc, consider combining it with warmer materials like rattan or wicker (or any other natural fiber).

A slate plaque, so as not to forget anything

Here is an essential and timeless element: slate. To truly recreate the bistro spirit in your kitchen, bet on a slate plate! Attach your plate to the door and write the word "kitchen", the spirit "country house" will be felt right from the door ... Enough to please the most nostalgic of you. The right idea? Place the plate in your kitchen and let your imagination run wild… The whole family will be able to read nice touches, but also the menu of the day, the shopping list…! So what is the dish of the day displayed? Pot-au-feu or croque-monsieur?