Object recovery for a braided decoration

Object recovery for a braided decoration

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Woven cans or tires? Welcome to "recycled braiding"! For years, Brazilians in favelas have been collecting rubbish from recycling centers and transforming it for reuse. With the deterioration of the standard of living of many populations, the phenomenon has gained momentum. A whole market then developed! These salvaged objects are sold today and exported outside the borders of Latin America, Asia or Africa. For some, this new business is used to survive. Thus carved and braided canvases sculptures of Giraffes (small model 23 euros), Geckos (small model 9 euros) or Elephants (small model 49 euros), allow Zimbabwean exiles living in South Africa to market their art in France notably thanks to the Mahatsara store. The designers seized the support in an eco-decorative objective. It is in Brazil that the Campana brothers launched the "aesthetic favela" movement in the 90s. The Vermelha armchair (4920 euros) available at Design By, woven from ropes is one example. With the global ecological awareness, many other designers have followed the trend. Ariadna Miquel designed the Bicicleta carpet (1,100 euros) woven in India from bicycle inner tubes, for the Nanimarquina brand, available at Home Privilège. And the decorative trend "recuperated" democratizes. Still at Home Privilège, doormats made of recycled tires (29.90 euros) and imitating manholes are offered at prices for the general public. Finally, The Conran Shop recycles our old dusty vinyl records to make… covers (Chilewich bag, 15 euros)! So go ahead and adopt the "recuperative" braiding!


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