The most beautiful dining tables for all families!

The most beautiful dining tables for all families!

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Finding the perfect dining table is not always easy! While a round table promotes conviviality, it is not necessarily ideal for large families. The latter will rather prefer large rectangular tables with extensions.

As for couples, the square table seems to be the most suitable for saving space while enjoying a cozy dining area.

Anyway, the dining table plays a central role in the life of a home. To help you find your ideal model, discover our dining table ideas: round, square, rectangular, extendable, in wood, or even in glass.

Extendable tables

Are you part of a large family? Do you regularly receive friends at your home? Do you also use your dining area as a desk or a play table for children? No doubt, the extending table is made for you!

Whether round, square or rectangular, the extendable table is a great ally when the number of your guests increases from 4 to 6, 8 or 10 depending on the meal!

Choose extendable wooden table for a natural and country look, in bamboo for an exotic result or chrome for a more contemporary style.

The good news ? Whether you live in a large or small space, you will inevitably find your happiness among our selection of extending tables. And for good reason, there are all sizes and all shapes!

Square dining tables

Whether you live alone or as a couple, the square table is ideal. Due to its shape, it does not take up much space and is suitable for smaller dining rooms.

And if you have your dining area in the kitchen, the square table has the advantage of adapting to the corners of the room. The day you receive guests, just peel it off the wall to take advantage of the 4 seats! Space saving guaranteed…

The advantage ofa square table ? If the family has to grow one day, you can recycle it in another room of the house. You can, for example, reuse it to arrange a dressing table corner or a small office! Since it does not take up much space, you will inevitably find a new use for it in your interior!

Rectangular dining tables

It is THE most used table form. More imposing than the others, the rectangular dining table particularly finds its place in a large dining room. But smaller models will also suit smaller spaces.

Positioned in the center of the room, it provides a real dining area. Apart from lunches and dinners, the rectangular table can also be used for working, doing homework or activities with the children ... Enjoy family moments!

Dimensionally, remember that you need a model with a length of 140 cm for 6 people, 160 cm for 8 people and 180 cm for 10 people.

Round dining tables

No dining table is friendlier than the round table ! With it, you will no longer wonder who will be at the end of the table or who will be alone if you are an odd number. And that's the advantage of a round table: everyone can see each other!

Since it has no angles, the round table visually enlarges the space and allows better circulation in the room.

For what decorative style? Choose a round wooden table for an authentic and cozy interior. Prefer metal for an industrial spirit. And opt for glass if you are more of a contemporary style

Farm tables

Imagine a country house, a large table on which stands a pretty ceramic tableware, bouquets of flowers for the bucolic touch and the spellbinding scent of dishes that simmer a little further in the kitchen ... don't you?

If you want to reproduce this firm spirit in your interior, the choice of dining table will be important. And we can only recommend that you choose a large rectangular raw wood table to achieve the same result!

The decor idea to remember? To enhance your beautiful dining table, play with light and materials. Some rattan suspensions aligned above, a large cozy carpet below, mismatched chairs for the modern touch and voila!

Wooden dining tables

Wood is the preferred material for dining tables. Firstly, because it adapts to all decorative styles. Second, because it easily associates with all other materials. And thirdly, because it is a material that is as robust as it is durable. It does not take more to convince us! Especially if you have children at home…

Indeed, a wooden table will be easier to maintain than a glass table. Goodbye fingerprints to be cleaned every day!

The good news ? Whether you choose it round or square, light or dark, imposing or discreet, the wooden table will always bring a bit of authenticity to your interior. And it would be a shame to do without it!

Glass dining tables

Do you like modern decor, refined furniture and minimalist forms? Let it be said, glass is more suitable for more manic people.

But beyond careful maintenance, glass has many advantages. Its transparency lets light circulate while enlarging the space. Its lightness and delicacy ensure elegance and refinement.

How to maintain it? Dust your glass table then wash it with absorbent paper and methylated spirits. You can also use household vinegar. All you have to do is wipe it with a clean cloth or use newspaper (ideal for avoiding marks like on windows!).