At the source of Swedish design with the Ikea PS collection

At the source of Swedish design with the Ikea PS collection

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We have been waiting for three years! It arrives, all in lightness, in a sleek design, "in eco-thought" and in accessibility on the price side! The new Ikéa PS collection is a small marvel of furniture that takes root in the origins of Swedish design and that highlights wood. Wood, yes, but from sustainably managed forests. The first Ikéa PS collection (for post-scritum) was launched in 1993 on the theme of democratic design. It brings together, and this is still the case today, what is most advanced in terms of design. Because the meaning of this collection is just that: to produce a successful design, at an affordable price but without conceding to environmental requirements. It is the "wheel environment" that allows us to take into account the impact of manufacturing a product at the 4 stages of its life cycle: design, manufacture, use and end of life. A series of "beneficial constraints" on which the 10 designers of all nationalities integrated into the brand and the 70 to 80 independent designers work for at least a year before a model is marketed. Aren't Ikea designers heroes? Design a storage unit with drawers that fit together to minimize packaging as much as possible (Ikéa PS Sinka Storage by Elhen Johansson). Imagine a large bamboo dish whose braided strips create a 3-D effect (Ikéa PS Skal by Nicolas Cortolezzis) or even make a table solid as a rock, part of which is designed with sawdust (Ikéa PS Bruse by Christian Halleröd ). In terms of decorative inspiration, there is nothing to complain about either: the creations have their origins, in particular in traditional Swedish furniture and imagination. A cup evoking the crown worn by the Lapp married couple (Ikéa PS Krona by Ewa Lila Löwenheilm), a storage clock inspired by the classic Swedish interior clock (Ikéa PS Pendel by Carl Hagerling) or the remarkable multi-seat armchair whose name comes from the writer Selma Lagerlöf (Ikéa PS Selma from front designers). You will understand, here is a collection to discover from February 6 in Ikéa stores in the Paris region and early April in provincial stores. In the meantime, go to .

The IKEA PS 2009 KARLJOHAN stool
sent by Hopscotch_NM The IKEA PS 2009 SINKA drawer unit
sent by Hopscotch_NM The IKEA PS 2009 BRUSE bench
sent by Hopscotch_NM The IKEA PS 2009 PENDEL clock
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