The decor of the nerds

The decor of the nerds

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What could be more a priori confidential than the love of literature? Today, this honorable passion leaves its reserve and becomes more than a terrestrial food: an art of living.

Sit on literature

The designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac created, for the Acrila brand, designer chairs in synthetic glass whose back rest reproduces the effigy of four big names in 19th century literature, I named Arthur Rimbaud, Oscar Wilde, Charles Baudelaire and Edgar Poe. A sympathetic and original concept, ideal for all lovers of beautiful letters and those who want to shine in social dinners.

A manuscript at your feet

SC1889534Ot: crop @ h: 133 @ w: 92 @ x1: 112 @ y1: 4 @ wc: 184 @ hc: 266All lovers of literature will tell you, the drafts of writers are real works of art. Perhaps Nani Marquina thought of it when she designed her Manuscript rug, whose patterns reproduce the solids and hairlines of a beautifully inspired feather. So here the writing lets itself be trampled underfoot, for our greatest comfort and the pleasure of the eyes.

Free books

SC1889516Ot: crop @ h: 100 @ w: 100 @ x1: 52 @ y1: 0 @ wc: 271 @ hc: 271 Because a book is a beautiful object, which deserves to be exposed, Presse Citron has invented a series of shelves framed like portraits of our ancestors. You had to think about it: why on earth should you reserve the monopoly on an openwork chassis for photos only? Several models and colors are put in a cube to highlight your most admirable readings, all you have to do is choose the motif that will suit you best ...

But if for you the book is sufficient in itself, you can just as well make it the anchor of your aesthetics, do not hesitate to sublimate your walls thanks to the invisible shelves from Umbra thanks to which your favorite volumes will play admirably the laws of gravity. SC1889514Ot: crop @ h: 134 @ w: 133 @ x1: 79 @ y1: 0 @ wc: 271 @ hc: 271 To close the chapter, let's stay in the bookish domain with the Books table stool in printed cardboard, which reproduces a attractive trompe l'oeil a stack of large cobblestones and beautiful bindings. This pretty invention of Virages, very solid, will be able to support, in a bedside table version, your stack of present and future readings, and serve you as a valuable extra stool for your writing workshops and other literary debates.