Barrels recovered from Let Lucie Faire: a useful design

Barrels recovered from Let Lucie Faire: a useful design

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Favorite decor for the creations of Let Lucie Faire… Lucie, a designer based in the Loire department. It gives a second life to industrial barrels which transform into small, all-purpose furniture. When you have a small space, it's not easy to find suitable furniture that goes a bit off the beaten track from the creations of the big decoration brands. But that's not counting the talent of Lucie Dancette. More info on the designer The motifs of the Let Lucie Faire are available on themes that can be matched with the rest of the collection, rather textile: cushion, lampshade or pockets. And there is something for every room in the house: the Trendy Tub Toys or Voyage will gladly be placed in a children's room while the Trendy Tub Love head or Punishment will be reserved for the adult room. It's up to you to adopt the Trendy tub that suits you! > More info on Trendy Tub


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