Choosing the right interior doors: certifications

Choosing the right interior doors: certifications

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Different certifications exist to guarantee the insulation, security or origin of the materials composing the interior doors. It is important to know them in order to make the right choice. Explanations from Didier Fillet, expert at CTBA. Interview by Bérengère Larivaud

What essential questions should you ask yourself when buying a door?

In addition to the aesthetics and functions of the door - separating, isolating from noise, isolating from the cold, securing, withstanding fire - there is the question of the consistency of the performance of the door with the partition on which it will be asked. If the door has significant thermal insulation but the partition is light, this is unnecessary.

What certifications exist to date?

- an FCBA certification "NF leaves for flat doors", which certifies the leaves for flat doors. The NF sign then appears on the edge. - an FCBA certification "NF interior door blocks FASTE classification" (Acoustic Fire Thermal Stability Burglary), a certification for technical doors whose characteristics are also noted on the edge of the door. - an "A2P door blocks" certification for burglar-resistant door blocks. - PEFC and FSC certification of wooden doors, which certify that the wood comes from sustainably managed forests.

What developments can we expect for the future?

These changes should concern the installation. Currently, interior door units are often installed during the assembly of partitions, so there may be damage on site. It is possible that in the future, we will use pre-frames mounted with the partitions on the site and that the door unit will be placed in this pre-frame at the end of the site. This implementation would allow complete and careful finishing to be done in the factory without damaging the site.


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