8 DIY things to do with kids for Father's Day

8 DIY things to do with kids for Father's Day

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Father's Day is fast approaching and you have not seen the time pass. Quickly, quickly, you will have to start looking for the ideal gift! Only problem: the prospect of spending a day with children in crowded stores is not really your cup of tea. Do not panic ! Don't we say that there is no more beautiful gift than the one made with the heart? But there is even better: the one made with the hands of your dear toddlers for their “love dad”! Here, some ideas to realize with them in two stages three movements, for a result that will surely make Papa all chamallow!

1. A portable case

© Make It & Love It This is a superb gift idea for a very connected dad. All day long on his laptop, he often runs out of battery… It has the gift of irritating him! Over the years, he has learned to never go out without his emergency charger. Well seen ! Only here, at the office, at the bistro, when it is not at home, there is always someone to trip over his phone on the ground. With this ingenious accessory, accidents are over! Hanging on the charger directly against the socket, this is a phone well sheltered in its case. An old tube of shower gel, nice paper and a little bit of varnish ... No need for large equipment to make this very simple tutorial with children! With that we bet he will call you even more often?

2. A cover for a touch pad

© Liberty print For a web surfing dad , we leave on a pretty fleece cover to protect our touch pad. With it, no more bumps and scratches! Ideal to take everywhere with you. A bit of fabric, fleece, a piece of string and a button … You could say that the list of supplies is rather minimalist! And if we tell you in addition that she is very easy to do, including by children? Without further ado, we find this pretty DIY to make the cover that will fill the happy celebrated dad with happiness.

3. A braided bracelet

© The Pop Case In search of a stylish gift for a cool dad ? We opt for the braided bracelet. Mark of a strong bond that unites you , this is a gift idea that is both stylish and symbolic! On the supply side, you will need only 2 laces in the colors of your choice, a small pliers, scissors ... and a few zest of love of course! To achieve it, nothing easier: we go see this pretty tutorial made by The Pop Case . Isn't life beautiful?

4. A homemade aftershave fluid

© Peppermint Beauty Each year, on Father's Day, he has the right to his after shave lotion. The very one that leaves her skin soft and fragrant! However, between all these alcohols, sulfates and parabens , you end up not knowing where to turn! And if this year we made him a soft fluid after shave House ? In a pretty glass jar decorated by children , it is certain that the moment of shaving of Mister will become a real pleasure! To follow the recipe, we go to see this DIY on the blog of Peppermint Beauty . Your turn now !

5. Original coasters

© Mes Petits Bonheurs For a geek daddy , nostalgic for old computers and 56K modems, this is THE ultimate gift! What could be better than pretty coasters in the shape of floppy disks for an aperitif? No doubt one more opportunity to toast on Father's Day! Pearls and patience , we heat up and it's ready! Simple and efficient, as we like. So go to the blog My Little Happinesses , for a colorful tutorial!

6. A photo print on wood

© DeboBrico What could be more eloquent than a nice family photo to show his dad that we love him? Good idea ! But rather than in a small, cramped frame, what if we printed directly on a pretty wooden support? To achieve this original result, no need for complex equipment : your photo printed via a laser printer (if you don't have one, a simple photocopy does the trick), varnish-glue and a wooden support. And that's all ! Ideal as a last minute gift. Forward for manufacturing via this tutorial so accessible that it can be made by children . So why not make several?

7. A delicacies kit

© Simply Cooking For a gourmet dad , we opt for a kit of good things to snack on! Summer is coming and with it its batch of meals on the terrace and its traditional barbecues ... So we say that with a gift like that, we are sure to please. A good camembert, some dried fruit and a nice, well-decorated jar… That's it, all you have to do is grill! Here is the DIY recipe, to make this gourmet and original gift. Enjoy your meal !

8. A cute illustrated notebook

© Momes To thank him for reading a story to the children every evening, and in turn to write him one! With a few words from children and nice drawings , we can already bet on the success of this little notebook! Made with love - and some basic supplies is the perfect gift. Go to the website without further ado momes in order to take note of this tutorial to say the least touching. We hope that with all these beautiful ideas you will have found something to make Papa's heart beat more than ever. So let's go now, on the track, kids!