What if we recycle the shower water?

What if we recycle the shower water?

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Using gray water (shower or bath water) for other functions in the house is now possible thanks to the Pontos AquaCycle system.

What is the Aquacycle?

Designed by Pontos (a brand of the Hansgrohe group), the AquaCycle is a compact water recycling system that makes it possible to use twice the water of the shower or the bathtub thanks to an organic water treatment , without any chemical additives. Once treated, the water becomes clear, clean and odorless. It can therefore be used a second time for flushing toilets, washing machines, cleaning premises or watering the garden. . The AquaCycle is intended for residential as well as collective equipment. It is enough to adapt the number of tanks to the size of the project to reprocess from 600 to 12,500 liters of water per day.

How does recycling shower water work?

Gray water passes through a filter which retains large particles (textile fibers, hair, etc.). The filter is cleaned automatically at regular intervals and the sediments discharged to the sewer. Then, bio-cultures destroy the dirty components of the water in two stages, in two different tanks. Sediment is discharged into the sewers. Finally, before the water goes into the treated water tank, it flows along a ultraviolet lamp which sterilizes it . This treatment eliminates any risk of odor and water can be stored for a long time before use.

How is a water recycling shower installed?

You just need to havea separate pipe system to transport gray water from the bathroom and "valve" water from the kitchen and toilets. The taps for treated water must bear the mark "untreated water". The installer must ensure that the waste water and the recycled water are transported in separate pipes. The standard version of AquaCycle for a house of one or two families is made up of three pre-assembled modules. It can be installed and started in two hours.

Is the installation of the recycling system expensive?

Rather yes. Count 4,239 euros excluding tax and installation. It pays off in the long run. And it's also a great gesture for the planet.


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