Father's Day: 6 good ideas in the connected objects department

Father's Day: 6 good ideas in the connected objects department

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Connected objects are on the rise! Already last year, we saw sales ignite in France. Today, almost one in six households is now equipped with these latest generation gems. Very popular, the connected home sector is the winner on the podium, followed closely by what are called “wearables ”, Portable objects: smartphones, connected watches… So many high-tech equipment that makes everyday life easier - especially that of an active 21st century dad. This is just the time for Father's Day this Sunday, June 17! This is an opportunity to look at the connected side to find THE trendy gift! If you still doubt the idea, we give you 6 good ideas in terms of connected objects to spoil your father as it should be. Ours Daddies 2.0!

1. For a hyper-connected dad

© He is always on the internet or on his smartphone. My dad and technology is a great love story. For his birthday, I offer him a house assistant or a smart watch . Here, our selection: Google Home and Amazon Echo connected speakers

© FrAndroid / Ars Technica Timidly appearing in our interiors in recent years, they are now given pride of place on the kitchen buffet. We thought we had seen (and heard) everything with Siri, the voice assistant of the Iphone. But no ! Very efficient, his colleagues at Google and Amazon now steal the show from him. Both pregnant Bluetooth , radios and personal assistants , these newcomers answer our daily questions. List the races, recall an appointment, or even entertain us by launching our favorite song… What are the people asking? The smart watch Apple Watch serie 3

© CNet The firm's apple watch is now in its third version. It is a real reference. With his SIM port, no need for an iPhone in your pocket to make a phone call of the future. Like in science fiction movies! For a little less, we are heading towards the nevertheless very good Asus ZenWatch 3 in competition. The perfect tool to combine business with pleasure.

2. For a very sporty dad

© Rights Reserved Between running, cycling in summer and skiing in winter, my dad really has a sporty soul. Whether he is a marathon runner or a simple Sunday cyclist, he certainly dreams of a activity tracker . To follow him in his efforts and record his performances , this is a gift that should make him very happy! The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro connected pack / JBL bluetooth earphones

© CNet With this pack connected bracelet + earphones Bluetooth , we are sure to meet his expectations. watertight , the device will follow him into the water if he is a swimming fan! In addition to measuring the effort, it also offers a whole smart nutrition and training program . Ideal for getting back in shape after a good Father's Day meal!

3. For a bibliophile dad

© Freepik It devours a book a day, there is no more room in the library and books pile up everywhere. Quick, it's time to offer a reading light to my dad! The Amazon Kindle 6 ”e-reader

© We will not lie, the paper, its smell and its feel, remain irreplaceable. But this reader has a very big advantage. Its lifespan is almost as long as a book since its battery can last for weeks . So much to say that with a catalog of more than 5 million ebooks , there's something to keep Dad busy for ages!

4. For a careful dad on two wheels

© Moto Journal He is passionate about motorcycles For years. Leisure or mode of transport, whatever, safety above all! For his birthday, I opt for a stop light to install directly on your helmet . The essential object to ride with pleasure AND serenity! The Cosmo Moto / Cosmo Bike helmet

© Amazon From a Kickstarter campaign, the device imagined by the French startup Cosmo Connected installs on his motorcycle helmet - and soon on his bike! With his gyro sensor , he warns motorists of his braking. By bicycle, it reports changes in direction via a flashing system . But these 2.0 headphones are even stronger. Coupled with the mobile application, it is even able to notify the emergency services / your loved ones in the event of an accident !

5. For an image hunting dad

© Rights reserved The manual mode of his camera has no secrets for him, he now wants to make images differently . What if we made him take a little height? Imagine his head discovering a drone on his plate Sunday June 17! What to fill it for this Father's Day 2018. The DJI Spark video drone

© Best Gear No matter the age, the madness of drones makes us all fall back into childhood, at the time of the crazy races of radio-controlled cars. But today in the 21st century, the race is now taking place in the air! And even if the slate remains salty for this little toy that fits in the palm of your hand , the sensations and the shots are breathtaking are there. Something to see the world in a new light!

6. For a geek or “retro-gamer” dad

© Freepik Stuck in the 80s, my dad swears by the video games of his childhood . What if we gave him a game console of his time? With that, we bet on a few moments of fun with the family. So the joysticks! The Atari VCS Console

© Blog NT And yes, the legendary brand is making a comeback on the market! Via a crowdfunding campaign, it was quickly propelled. If the object has style, we fall even more for its wood finish . Unfortunately, we will have to wait for the fathers day 2019 to see the beast come into the living room. In the meantime, it is always possible to make a “good promise " to Dad. A Super Nintendo Mini console

© Nintendo For great family games, we can also look at the side of reissues in mini size . Flagship 90s consoles, including the Nintendo Classic Mini and the Super Nintendo Mini. And to avoid having to blow on the cassettes, a multitude of games are now integrated at the Consol ! Isn't life beautiful? With all these bright gift ideas, we hope that you find the ideal object to offer on this Father's Day 2018. Anyway, we do not forget that the most beautiful gift is the one from the heart. Very nice party for all the dads!