Game-over: the decoration of geeks

Game-over: the decoration of geeks

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Geek, geekerie, geekette… so many English terms with pronunciation as risky as their deep meaning that have not finished piquing my curiosity. If I believe the fruit of my research, a geek is a lover passionate about new technologies and other home automation gadgets, with a slight tendency to regressive passion for the video game of yesterday and tomorrow… As much to say that the theme is not without inspiring the decorative universe. I therefore offer you my selection of essential items for a geek decor in all rooms of the house:

Geek in the living room

Absolutely essential, the Pouff-Man imagined by Italian designers from Qayot. With its eloquent form, it is a successful tribute to the nice little guy chased by ghosts who made lovers of arcade games happy, I named the indescribable Pac Man. But for the vibration to be total, it is of course essential to associate it with the cubic table in the shape of a pac-eraser ...

Music Geek

To liven up your GNU evenings or wake up your foggy mornings, the Itan tam from Branex Design pays for the luxury of transforming the cult stool of the 1970s into a sublime station for digital readers. Reproducing the design of its legendary ascendant, the Itam tam houses an enclosure adjustable by remote control and is compatible with all digital audio sources.

Geek even at the table

And because we may be geek, we are no less man - or woman -,salt and pepper shakers Hoodies , imagined by the dynamic English of Vitamin Living will allow you to spice up all your frozen meals. With their "hooded skull" design, the cute containers remind me of the impassive looks of unforgettable Space Invaders .


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