An innovation: aerated concrete tiles

An innovation: aerated concrete tiles

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DIY at our fingertips, we love it! Thanks to interlocking cellular concrete tiles, we can design a shower partition, kitchen furniture or a partition wall. 100% decorative DIY elements to be a bit the architect of our interior. Explanations. When we make DIY easier, we appreciate it. And that's what Siporex does with its very decorative partition and DIY elements. These are aerated concrete tiles, smooth or with interlocking profiles. They make it possible to create different decorations, in veneer, covering or mounting, even if they are large surfaces of partitions. Nothing could be simpler! Siporex is a very light synthetic concrete, therefore easy to handle, which does not fear humidity, therefore particularly recommended for the bathroom. On the choice side, 10 references, of different sizes (60x25 or 60x50 cm) and ranging from 5 to 10 cm thick. The tiles are glued using an adhesive mortar which dries in less than 5 hours. Suddenly, the finishes are done very quickly: delivered white raw, the tiles can be dressed with plaster or glass cloth, but also with tiles or decorative veneer. And good news, they paint! Good to know : preferably use the 7 to 10 cm thick tiles for the partitions and reserve the 5 cm thick tiles for a bathtub surround, for example.


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