Bring up the Eiffel Tower in your living room

Bring up the Eiffel Tower in your living room

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On the occasion of the exhibition "Gustave Eiffel, the magician of iron" which is held at the town hall of Paris until August 29, we offer you a decorative and trendy model of the most famous tower in the capital. Construction enthusiasts or seekers of original decorative ideas, here is a unique object to decorate your living room with a creative and design touch. In 10 minutes, you assemble the 61 pieces necessary for its construction then you are free to decorate it as you see fit: paint, varnish, glue, mosaics, glitter ... express yourself to transform this construction into the centerpiece of your decoration. The elements of the model are in compressed wood dust. They are therefore light and your Eiffel Tower is easy to move. Available at BHV size: 1.70m (two models of 30cm and 1m soon available) Price: 129 euros More info on: www.gringosproductions.com



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