Plants that water themselves!

Plants that water themselves!

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Watering your plants when you go on vacation can be a real headache. If you do not want to ask your neighbors, or put all your plants in your bathtub to humidify them, there are other simple and practical solutions to leave with peace of mind.

The regulation felt

The regulation felt can be used to ensure a capillary rise in your green plants during your absences. It regulates the quantities of irrigation water dispensed (8.30 euros). This technique can come in addition to a drip irrigation for a real efficiency.

Gelled water in block

The gelled water in a block is very easy to use: the water drips regularly thanks to the microorganisms contained in the soil which transforms the gel into water and thus provides the quantity requested by the plant (3.99 euros).

The bottle adapter

The bottle adapter is one of the most practical solutions: you just have to screw the ceramic tips on plastic bottles filled with water and plant them in your flower pots before piercing the top. This system guarantees the irrigation of the plant according to its needs (19.95 euros for 4).

Plant irrigator

The plant irrigator is a drip system that works in much the same way. The tips must be planted in the ground and connected to a source of water. When the soil is dry, the natural suction power of the soil activates run-off irrigation. Plants only take the amount of water they need (11.50 euros for 4).

Automatic watering kits

The automatic watering kits are intended for people with a large number of plants. Some can water up to 36 plants. These kits include a programmer, a tank, a pump and distributors. Watering, which plugs into the sector, starts every day according to your schedule (from 85 euros). See you in the garden center!