Decorative cuisine in Ile de Ré atmosphere

Decorative cuisine in Ile de Ré atmosphere

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Discover in pictures tips to create a kitchen decor inspired by the sea. Far from the traditional blue and white, think rather of the neutral colors extracted from nature. A decorative visit for all those who want to bring a breath of fresh air to their kitchen and which is not exclusively reserved for residents!

Some decorative ideas to remember

-> We started this decor by favoring materials from nature . So the floor is in seagrass, the furniture is in wood, the table is covered with a white cotton tablecloth and the armchair is in rattan. -> We associated with these materials colors also inspired by nature . So the floor was chosen natural and not tinted. The walls are painted light beige just like the cupboards. -> Then we have accessorize the kitchen, with objects that evoke the beach and the sea. So a fishing net plaid takes place on the rattan chair. A wooden vase is placed on the worktop, also made of wood. Driftwood and starfish, gleaned during a walk, are placed here and there and complete this seaside style decor.