Get rid of wasps on the terrace

Get rid of wasps on the terrace

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Meals and aperitifs on the terrace, in summer, the wasps invite themselves to your outdoor life. There are usually two main families of wasps: "solitary" and "social". The two varieties each play an essential role in the life of the ecosystem, by regulating the populations of mosquitoes and harmful insects. It is the social wasps that install their nest under our windows and sometimes come to bite us. To put an end to the bites and annoyance caused by these small insects, here are some effective methods.

The sugar trap

Clean lines and ease of use, the wasp trap is decorative. To fill it, remove the rubber cover and pour a little jam or syrup into the receptacle. Greedy insects are engulfed there and can no longer come out. To clean it, simply rinse it with a little water. You can decide to make a wasp trap yourself. To do this, cut the neck of a plastic bottle to make a funnel. Pour syrup or a sweet liquid into the bottom of the bottle and place the funnel on the bottle. Attracted by the sugar, the wasps will descend into the bottle through the funnel and will be unable to come out. > More info on the design wasp trap:

The pheromone trap

How it works: the trap diffuses synthetic pheromones, love hormones. Attracted, the insects find themselves trapped in the conical trap. A double wall system then prevents the insects from escaping. In the event of bites

If however you were bitten here are some useful tips: -Essential Oil "Tea Tree": To the long list of properties of this oil is added a soothing effect. In the event of an injection, a little of this essential oil will relieve the pain caused by the injection. > More info on essential oil against bites: