10 decorative ideas for your cat

10 decorative ideas for your cat

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A litter that does not make task in your interior? A cat tree that gives style to your living room? Having a cat without sacrificing your decor is possible! And we prove it to you with these 10 decorative ideas for cats! From the bohemian tipi to the designer cube, passing by a homemade scraper and a cardboard Mayan temple… You will inevitably fall for these creations dedicated to our furballs. What make those who do not have a cat want to adopt one!

1. A designer cube for trendy cats

© meyou If cat accessories rhyme with kitsch and cheesy for you, you will be surprised by this cube with graphic lines. Composed of a metal cube and a hand-woven cocoon, this small cat cabin is proudly displayed in a living room or in a bedroom. And in addition to being a decorative element in its own right, this cube will delight your tomcat. Indeed, he can rest there away from prying eyes. But it can also make its mark there. No doubt, this cube will cause a sensation with the trendiest cats (and owners)!

2. A cat tree for perched cats

© MiaCara Gone are the days when cat trees were so kitsch. Today, designers and creators are inspired by our hairballs, to design cat trees worthy of real works of art. This is the case of this creation signed MiaCara in solid wood that we imagine in a modern interior. The felt parts allow your tomcat to make its claws in a durable way (unlike cardboard). What save sofa carpets and curtains from the clutches of your beloved feline! As for the perch, it gives him the opportunity to gain height to laze…

3. A playground for adventurous cats

© IKEA Is your cat out of place? Do you live in an apartment? To provide a playground for your pet, how about using your walls? Just like this inspiration where shelves were fixed to the wall, at different heights, to create a real acrobatic course. Add some consoles to hang toys for the touch of madness. Not only do these decorating tips take up no space, they also go completely unnoticed in a living room or office. You can also make a wall cat tree like this DIY imagined with a wooden crate.// In all if your cat is an adventurer, these decorating tips will allow him to have fun and dominate you (because yes, this is his favorite activity…)!

4. A fierce cat scraper

© Almost Makes Perfect Make their claws. This is a harmless but very important gesture for cats. If your cat does not have the opportunity to go outside, it is important to leave a scraper available. Otherwise, you risk seeing it attack your furniture… To avoid betraying your interior decoration, forget the cardboard scrapers of large surfaces and create your own model. You can take inspiration from this DIY (in English) from the Almost Makes Perfect blog. Here, a simple sisal rope was wrapped around a wooden board. No more sweeping every day to pick up small pieces of cardboard; with this homemade scraper, your cat can make its claws without putting it everywhere!

5. A teepee for bohemian cats

© Craftifair At the forefront of the decor scene, the bohemian style continues to rise with flying colors. And even cats have the right to live a bohemian life. Rather than a basket or a hut, you can offer a teepee to your fur ball for it to rest. And, you have the choice as to the manufacture of your teepee. With wooden planks like this bohemian chic teepee or fabric for a more ethnic look as shown in the creation of the blog lace flowers. Add some cozy cushions inside and your cat will say thank you!

6. A stylish cat litter for indoor cats

© Modkat A litter that doesn't seem to be one? We didn't believe it until we discovered the Modkat toilet houses. Some models offer openings on the top thus guaranteeing unparalleled cleanliness. Innovative shapes and a resolutely modern look, these litters are perfect for indoor cats. Only problem ? The price ! But when you love, you don't count, do you? If you really can't stand the vision of a litter box and don't want to spend all of your savings, there are other solutions. You can, for example, hide your litter box in a closet and create an opening in the door. And if you don't have the soul of a handyman, you can simply place the litter beneath a bench or table.

7. A cozy basket for lazy cats

© MiaCara Does your cat spend most of its time sleeping? To give him a cozy corner to take a nap, fall for this hand-crocheted basket. With its enveloping shape and softness, your four-legged friend will be on a small cloud. It is placed on the sofa, in an entry, near the bed or even on the windowsill of a sunny window. We want the same on a human scale, don't you? DIY follower, you can create your own crochet cat basket. To get started, discover Dawanda's step by step. So, ready to crochet for your kitty?

8. Teasing cat toys

© A Beautiful Mess Even if our dear four-legged friends sometimes have fun with nothing, we could not resist the temptation to share these adorable creations with you. These are cat toys, made from felt sheets and cotton thread. With just a few cuts and needles, these toys are as easy to make as they are economical. We love their original shapes which will delight the most gourmet. Hot dog, burrito, hamburger, donut ... Junk food will take over your home. Our advice: sprinkle some catnip on your toys to make the game even more fun! Find the DIY (in English) to make these totally cute cat toys!

9. A house for shy cats

© Burkatron It is well known, the cat needs an enclosed space to create an intimate cocoon where it can take refuge in safety. Give him a space just for him in your interior, so it's giving him benchmarks. And even if your house is his, nothing prevents you from creating his own little house for him. And what could be better than wood to adapt to all decorative styles? The blogger from Burkatron proves to us that with a few wooden planks, it is possible to obtain a cat house that will perfectly find its place in a living room. Of course, you can customize your cat house with paint, masking tape or by changing the shape of the opening and / or the box.

10. A Mayan temple for backpacking cats

© Poopy Cat For the most original cat decoration, we have thought of everything! Even at a Mayan temple in miniature version for backpacking cats! Like the wooden house, this cardboard Mayan temple will offer a stylish resting place for your cat. And if the Mayan temple is not your thing, the Poopy Cat brand also offers the White House, a sphinx or the Kremlin. Although cardboard is popular with cats, it is not as durable as wood. But at this price, you would be wrong to deprive yourself, wouldn't you? Did you know ? Insulating oneself in a cardboard box allows the cat to regulate its body temperature! This is one of the reasons why our tomcats appreciate this material!