Decorative laundry baskets for the bathroom

Decorative laundry baskets for the bathroom

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Give your bathroom a laundry basket worthy of the name! To prevent the whole family from letting their dirty laundry hang around, choose a practical model that you will place in an accessible place to simplify your laundry chores. There are two trends: flexible fabric baskets and rigid baskets often wicker. It's up to you to choose your own!

Soft baskets

It is on the side of flexible baskets that we find the most eccentricity: with message "to wash" (19.90 euros, BHV) or with camouflage patterns (44 euros, Absolutely design) and even in the shape of a washing machine (29.90 euros, BHV) these are the most fun. You can store them more easily because of their flexibility, there are many models that fold.

Rigid baskets

Rigid baskets are often more worked at the level of the material with wicker or rattan which gives a natural charm to this normally unattractive object. They are also found in cardboard (16.95 euros, Zara home) or even in straw from South Africa (171 euros, Bozea).


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