Accessories to light up your parasol

Accessories to light up your parasol

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Extend your summer evenings until nightfall by lighting your dinners with accessories for your parasol. Create real light atmospheres in your garden thanks to the lamps which are fixed on the parasol.

Solar lights

Light up in an ecological way with solar lights for outdoor use. At Nature et Découvertes, you will find a lamp which pinches to the canvas of the parasol thanks to its two magnetic parts and recharges thanks to daylight (34.95 euros). You can also hang colored lanterns from your parasol or put them on the table to diffuse the charged light thanks to the sun (19.95 euros). Do not hesitate to surround the parasol mast with a solar garland to add a decorative touch (19 euros, Alinéa).

The lamps to fix to the parasol pole

For lighting that highlights your parasol, prefer the lamps that attach directly to the mast of the parasol. You can choose between direct lighting by orienting the LEDs down or indirect by orienting them up. This kind of accessories is generally composed of several LEDs which are recharged from the mains. The Quaseo lamp has the advantage of having an on / off switch and requiring only 2 hours of charging for 6 hours of minimum lighting (118 euros, Sywawa).