Eight progressive children's beds on the test bench

Eight progressive children's beds on the test bench

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We don't always think about it, but the evolutionary bed is very practical to avoid changing beds when the child grows up. For all ages, from baby to junior, the evolutionary bed also offers other significant advantages such as the ecological aspect, ultra modular or with a particular design. Among the generous offer of evolutionary beds, here is a selection of eight products with various qualities.

The ultra modular: the Walnut evolutionary bed

A bed that turns into three pieces of furniture. First a baby cot (70x120cm), then a small without a cot with extensions, and finally a junior bed (70x150cm). The big advantage of this bed is its ecological design in Scandinavian wood as well as its sleek and soft design. Leander

The low price: the Gaufrette extendable bed

A bed that goes from a length of 140cm to 190cm. Available in four colors, this very poetic design bed offers good value for money. Vertbaudet

The green: the Harmonie evolutionary bed

A bed with the bars removed when baby grows. The wood used comes from sustainably managed European forests and the varnish is water-based, significantly reducing VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions. In addition, the base is adjustable to three different heights. Pinolino

The bed to paint yourself: the Bulle evolutionary bed

A curved bed available in three very soft colors (including rough to paint). This bed grows from 140cm in length to 190cm. Vertbaudet

The classic: the Childwood extendable bed

Sober and elegant, this bed is available in white or gray. The baby bed (whose bars are removable) turns into a junior bed with a length of 200cm.

The tangy: the Nuage evolutionary bed

All roundness, the Nuage evolutionary bed is available in a very punchy raspberry color. This bed expands to offer a junior bed without bars. The wood of which it is made comes from sustainably managed forests. Fnac Awakening and games

The traditional: the Bilboquet evolutionary bed

Made of solid pine, this traditional design bed goes from 140cm to 190cm in length. Available in honey, taupe and white colors.

The unusual: the Trivolo evolutionary bed

This furniture can be made cradle, junior bed and desk! The cradle base is adjustable to three heights. The wood of which this piece of furniture is made comes from sustainably managed forests. The WDL brand also participates in fair trade, particularly in relation to people with disabilities. WDL


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