10 tips to impress your guests

10 tips to impress your guests

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If like us, you like to receive your friends to share a good meal, you will love these decorating tips to copy urgently. And yes, to impress your guests, we have released the big game! Flowery ice cubes, painted macaroons, pineapple diverted in a vase, folding napkins… We have put together a list of decorative ideas to impress your guests!

1. Divert a pineapple in a vase

© francesca's An exotic fruit par excellence, the pineapple has become emblematic of tropical decoration. Although it dresses in wood, resin or metal to decorate our interiors, nothing beats real fruit. Well cut and hollowed out, the pineapple turns into a vase and decorates all interiors with originality. Slide a bouquet of colorful flowers and you can be sure that the decor of your table will be a sensation! In the same way, you can have fun creating a container using a watermelon. As the DIY of the Watermelon site shows, where a watermelon takes the form of a cactus while presenting a fruit salad. Like what, it is possible to create a trendy table decoration for three times nothing while respecting the environment! And, it doesn't take more to convince us, don't you?

2. Having fun with folding towels

© One Kings Lane It only takes a few minutes, it's easy to do and it always works on a pretty table! I named the folding of towels. To impress your guests, you can start with this tip. And in terms of fitness, there is no shortage of choices! Inevitably our heart could not help pounding on seeing this folding ... in the shape of a heart! Add a miniature bouquet of flowers and your table will be romantic as you wish! We also love the star-shaped folding or the bow tie version. And for the little ones, you can even make a windmill! If you want to discover other forms, discover a site dedicated to towel folding.

3. Make the ice cubes bloom

© Queen for a day Whether for a lunch, a snack or an aperitif in the open air, ice cubes are important allies on sunny days. If you want to impress your guests, here is an atypical idea: that of flowering ice cubes. What sublime cocktails and cold drinks with poetry and refinement ... The good news? There is no simpler ! Indeed, it is enough just to delicately place small flowers in the ice cube compartments before filling them with water. In fact, you just have to anticipate it. No doubt, you will be a sensation at your next reception! You will tell us new ones…

4. Present drinks in style

© Decorate happiness It goes without saying, plastic bottles have nothing to do on a beautiful table. To present the water, fill glass decanters and add a few cucumber slices for a better effect. As for cold drinks, how about using a vending machine? Ultra trendy, these jars can find a place on a buffet near the table. In this way, your guests can help themselves whenever they want. What do we put in it? All you want: lemonade, iced tea, punch and other cocktails ... Remember to place the ice cubes in the glasses and not in the jar to avoid diluting your drink! And to imitate trendy tearooms, add a label or a small slate in front of each dispenser to mention the containers.

5. Draw on macaroons

© francesca's Even if the simple vision of macaroons makes us melt, this trick makes them even more precious. Thanks to dyes (gel) and food markers, you can paint directly on these little treats. Blogger francesca's has imagined beautiful roses, but you can also create other patterns. Not only will your buttons be unique, but your guests will be amazed by your creativity! And I promise, we won't say that it was we who told you the idea…

6. Decorate cocktails & drinks

© francesca's Nothing like a cocktail decoration to serve your guests elegantly. If you want to impress them, just copy the bartender tips. The most famous is that of cocktail glass icing as on this inspiration. To do the same thing, dip the rims of the glass in lemon juice and then dip it in sugar. To solidify your icing, place the glasses in the refrigerator before serving. In addition to this tip, you can also have fun creating fruit and candy skewers. And for the touch of madness, sprinkle your cocktails with cinnamon, cocoa or other powdered spices. Here are some good ideas to surprise the taste buds of your guests…

7. Invite nature to its table

© Kara's Party Ideas Clearly, fruit has the edge when it comes to decorating a reception table. Here, these are grapefruits that cohabit cheerfully with succulents. In the center of the table and over the entire length, this plant decoration is to die for. The pink plates, matched with the color of grapefruits and flowers, bring a touch of femininity and freshness. We also like the macramé whose fringes fall delicately on each side of the table. The little attention that does it all: as on this inspiration, you can create mini terrariums and place one on each plate. Your guests will be delighted to be able to leave with a cute decoration gift!

8. Entertain with a pinata

© Mademoiselle Claudine Originally from Mexico, the pinata is a container (usually in papier mache) that must be broken to recover the treats and small gifts inside. They can take all forms: geometric like this creation by Mademoiselle Claudine or more daring like this pinata in the shape of a unicorn! And there are as many models as your imagination allows! What to put inside? Candy and delicacies (preferably wrapped and soft…) confetti and small personalized gifts… In all cases, they are symbols of festivity and good humor and just for that, we validate the idea!

9. Keep bottles cool

© Haley Sheffield on In Honor of Design Do you get a lot of people? Say goodbye to kitsch coolers and dare to divert objects. Like this inspiration, opt for a large metal bowl filled with ice to keep bottles and other culinary preparations cool… Ideal for a relaxed style, this alternative will make you forget the traditional champagne seal! You can also use a wheelbarrow or a terracotta vase! To go further: if you have the soul of the handyman, you can even make a table with integrated ice cube tray as did the blogger of Daily Slices! Like this, the question of freshness will no longer arise!

10. Capture the moment with a polaroid

© Decorate happiness No doubt, if you are reading this article, it is because you love to receive. And generally, you see it big. And if you take advantage of all these moments of sharing to create a unique decoration? By using a polaroid, you can capture these friendly moments. Make two copies: a photo for yourself and another that you leave for your guests to remember. And above all, complete your collection as you receive them ... As for the enhancement of the photos, you are spoiled for choice: on a ladder, a wall grid or a moodboard! And you, do you have some decorative tips to impress your guests?