7 key steps to transform your interior into a cabinet of curiosities

7 key steps to transform your interior into a cabinet of curiosities

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Weird ... Did you say weird? A vestige of the Renaissance period, the cabinet of curiosities is back in force in our interiors. After an ardent enthusiasm for Scandinavian minimalism, an unexpected wind is now blowing on the decorative planet and seems to carry with it new codes. Now is the time for accumulation, for a definitely more personal trend. Like velvet cases, the colors no longer hesitate to darken to highlight singular pieces and other scientific quirks, like a tiny confidential museum. Collections of insects, rare plants, animal trophies and globes of brides take center stage, giving the lounge buffet a whimsical and colorful look. What's new in 2018? We allow ourselves anachronisms and wacky subjects, for a relaxed and uninhibited surrealism. Without further ado, here are seven key steps to transform your interior into a cabinet of curiosities. To make natural history a tale of the 21st century, follow the guide!

1. Collect the boxes as in the museum

© Marie Graunbøl Photography / Cyrillus / Mamie Boude The essential secret for a successful cabinet of curiosity: accumulation! The style is not in half measures, so we dare to think outside the box. Illustrations, boxes and mirrors make the wall for an unconventional result. For more harmony, we do not hesitate to vary shapes and materials . Wood or metal frames, witch mirrors, embroidery drums, plants under glass like a herbarium… We combine botanical subjects and natural sciences, mystical illustrations and various diagrams, like a story. The old school posters of anatomy or geography are perfect to give the whole a delicious regressive touch. There are in particular posters dealing with the anatomy of mermaids or other fantastic animals ... Between scientific works and pure mythology, do not wait any longer to sow doubt!

2. Declare your flame to the animal kingdom

© Blueberry Home / Artes Longa / Photos Bill Batten, Studio Toogood Birds, insects, skulls ... Naturalized animals make their show! As in the natural history museum, we like to invent small productions between protagonists. Framed butterflies, a beetle under a bell, a crow on its perch and some corals from the other side of the world… This should succeed in satisfying the curiosity of your visitors! And for the absurd but essential detail, we even dare some representations of dragons or unicorns, for the quirky detail ... To be distilled sparingly! If many insects and trophies are sold in specialized stores, it is not prohibited to opt for a facsimile. On the contrary ! Especially since today there are many very realistic imitations that will hit home in your decor.

3. Exhibit your science under glass

© Pinterest / Nicole Franzen for Gardenista / Debra Cronin It's not all about exhibiting your collection, it must also be protected. In addition to adding cachet to your objects, the globes of brides and other glass containers are proving to be the jewel cases of choice for a quality scenography. We have the small crystalline boxes for storing pretty minerals, old jewelry or shark teeth! We choose them with brass or aged metal edges, for a retro and precious look. Small sculptures or other works of art are also welcome under cover, for a mixture of subtle and worked genres.

4. Experiment with some cuttings

© Adrian Briscoe / Ethanolie / Poly Wreford Notice to budding scientists! Go ahead for a little dusting of test tubes and old beakers, sacred relics of our chemistry lessons. Let's go for a small cutting course ! This clever horticultural technique, very simple to carry out, allows multiply its green plants cheaper. To start, we take a stem from the plant to be duplicated, which we fluff slightly. We choose a nice container laboratory, which is filled with water and the stem removed. You just have to integrate experience into the cabinet of curiosities . And now, a little patience until the roots appear!

5. Travel through the globes

© Etsy / Selency / I Spy DIY For those who love still travel, this is for you! To give a globetrotter look at your altar of curiosities , we play the card of globe . In accumulation, of various colors, bright, large or small ... Gone are the days when we thought that the earth was flat, we no longer hesitate to show its pretty round shape! To vary the heights of our globes, we can help ourselves some skillfully stacked atlases. And if you like to travel the world, why not plant a few colored pins there? A good idea to indicate your favorite destinations. Adventure is yours!

6. Cultivate a real secret garden

© Anette Laurim Plants are popular, and it is not the cabinet of curiosities that will make us lie! Definitely, the beautiful ones play the card of the vegetable collection for an atmosphere all in finesse. Rare specimens, cacti, patterned plants, air girls or pretty carnivores… Nothing like a motley collection to arouse admiration. We also think of sensitive plants , whose leaves fold up as soon as a hand grazes them! Some succulents , in addition to their geometric shapes, are sometimes translucent, like water pearls. Not to mention bio-luminescent plants , technological innovation of the 21st century, for a bright interior. There are many botanical wonders, it is certain that you will quickly find your happiness!

7. Get drunk on old bottles

© marij hessel via Blogspot Entermyattic / FleaingFrance Brocante Society No matter the bottle… As long as it is retro, colorful, and has an old label! This is the secret for a cabinet of curiosities, apothecary's shop. The result will be very chic in accumulation on a chimney edge for example. A few feathers or plant stems here and there, and voila! If there are currently aged bottles in store, the best is to hunt for them yourself. In general, flea markets and garage sales hold very nice surprises. Old orange, blue or green bottles, transparent bottles with cork stoppers… There is for all tastes and all budgets ! Only advice: it is better to arrive early in order to benefit from the best choice. Rather a homebody? We are eyeing the side of EBay or classifieds. So it's up to you! You now have all the keys in hand to create the cabinet of curiosities that suits you, at home! So don't wait any longer to tell your (natural) story!