Top 5 of the trend seen at Maison et Objet

Top 5 of the trend seen at Maison et Objet

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The Home and Object decoration fair unveiled the latest decorative trends. On the program a dose of news, a hint of poetry, a pinch of naturalness, a touch of humor and an ounce of light. The news gets hot with the Michael Jackson Candle candle from Love it or burn it. In these difficult times, humor also finds its place with the hot water bottles designed by Ole Jensen, in the shape of a piece of meat. A real quirky nod to cocooning! More poetic and delicate, the flakes that you assemble as you please, to create a curtain, a partition, a bowl of fruit are an original way to compose your own decoration. Nature always inspires designers. At Stockholm design, a large sponge is used as an umbrella stand. And the designer Ronél Jordaan for Mahatsara, creates a felt and fiber optic nest for a light, subtly proportioned setting. Music Simon and Yohan Couderc


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