My photos printed on tiles

My photos printed on tiles

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The Okhyo company offers to produce photographic frescoes printed on several tiles, or even an entire wall. Gilles Valin, the manager of the company, explains the principle of this innovation.

How did this idea of ​​digital printing on tiles come about?

In the digital age, the photo is almost everywhere in the decoration. However, it is rarely used in technical or wet rooms. I was in the trade of tiles and with a friend specializing in digital printing, we did printing tests on tiles and other media. In April 2009, the concept was ready and we launched it.

What is the purpose of photo-printed tiles?

These are wall tiles. It can go in a bathroom, in a kitchen but also in a restaurant or any other professional environment. Wherever there is a need for decoration and tiling. We thus produced products for a flower shop, for the office of a veterinarian. We are currently thinking of a product for hospitals, especially children's hospitals.

How should an individual proceed to order their tiles?

There are two options. Either he goes to our website and he chooses a photo from our image bank. Either he sends us his own photo, of which our graphic designer validates, of course, the quality. He chooses the size of the tiles and that of the final fresco and we start manufacturing. It will be delivered within a fortnight or so.

What sizes of tiles do you offer?

Almost all of them. It starts with the 2.5 x 2.5 cm mosaic up to 60 x 60 cm tiles. But we are also able to adapt to special formats. In this case, the customer sends us his tiling and we take care of printing it. The only constraint is that the tiles must be white or very light in color. As for the final fresco, it is the customer who chooses the size he wishes.

How is installation and maintenance done?

The tiles are delivered numbered. It is traditional earthenware, so as easy to install as another tile but you must, of course, respect the laying plan that we provide. On the other hand, it is imperative to use a seal without silica. Indeed, silica is abrasive and may scratch the tiles. For maintenance, just clean with a sponge, but avoiding rubbing on the scraping side.

What to do if you break a tile?

No problem since we save all the decorations of our customers on our computer. If, during the installation, a tile is broken, we send one back free of charge, excluding shipping costs. And if one or two years later, you have to change a tile for any reason, we can do it again. He just needs to tell us "C4 tile", for example, and we know what it is.

How much does it cost ?

The price is 399 € per m², and delivery 19 € per m². You can also sell individually. For a 15 x 15 cm, for example, it costs € 8.95 per tile. And a 30 x 60 cm tile, € 66.50.

Do you envisage other developments of this technique?

We will soon be offering photo-printed waxed concrete slabs, as well as outdoor tiles. At the beginning of 2010, we will also do digital printing on glass, which we will be able to put on the ground this time. We are also considering developments in wood, marble and travertine. To know more www.okhyo.com