The sweet taste of Dolce Gusto

The sweet taste of Dolce Gusto

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One day I promised myself to do a complete test on a household appliance in order to silence rumors that I was just a pushy guy waiting for press releases to fall into his arms. No, I'm not THAT! There is also a heart behind this heap of culinary stainless steel and I am going to prove it. I am able to write big, intelligible and relevant tirades on household appliances and do very sharp tests that a geek could envy me. Randomly we will look at the case of the new Dolce Gusto Circolo from Krups that I received some time ago, the same one that had already received the honor of an article previously. I was really very curious to receive the machine because it was one of the only pod systems that I had not yet tried with friends.

First observation

I received my device directly at work and before I even tested it, I can say that its look leaves no one indifferent. I was even surprised by the general support! Think about it if one day you want your ego to become the queen of your office.

Second observation

The machine is heavy which in the collective mind amounts to saying that it is of good quality. Attention, I speak of collective spirit, no objective and scientific data but the impression is there.

Third observation

The water tank is placed at the back which makes it pretty aesthetic but on the other hand, it also means that you will not be able to stick it against the back wall since, I remind you, the beast is heavy. So plan a no man's land around your device.

Fourth observation

The part used to receive the pod is really fucked up and integrated into the machine, to the point that at the beginning I even wondered where to put the pod. It is rather well seen compared to competitors who tend to have a fairly heavy and not very subtle system which harms the general shape of the coffee maker.

Fifth observation

It may hinder some but satisfy others. The machine is not automatic, it is up to you to decide when the coffee should stop running. There, there are those who prefer to do something else while the drink is being made and it therefore risks annoying them. On the other hand, for those who like to have control over everything and especially the taste of their morning coffee, the Dolce Gusto Circolo is the ideal tool.

Last observation

With its pressure of 15 bars, the Dolce Gusto makes real espresso and for those who like full-bodied tastes, know that pressure is everything. No pressure, no salvation! The quality of the coffee was a real and good surprise for me. It is just unfortunate that the capsule to make me such good coffee is so difficult to find. Apart from Monoprix which offer some products, you will generally need to go through online sales. You might as well be aware before buying this machine to avoid disappointment! Besides coffee, my colleagues and I also tested cappuccino. If the preparation, without being tedious, is a little complicated because there are two pods, the tasting is quite delicious and not at all artificial as I had feared. I take this article to announce that Dolce Gusto has released a range called POP in ultra vitamin colors: lemon, orange and lilac.


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